Most of you guys know that I am the founder of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.  We started out as a small group and have grown by leaps and bounds in the last year!  We have several hundred members in 10 different countries around the world!  I love it!  I love that more photographers are photographing births and more parents are seeking us out.  These moments are so precious, and once they have passed, you don’t get them back again.  But with photos, you can relive those moments and revisit them any time you want.  I can remember when the number of birth photographers I personally knew wouldn’t have filled one hand.  To have this amazing group of photographers who respect birth, is so amazing.  I’m thankful for each of them.

This year, we decided to award one talented photographer and have an image of the year contest.  With 41 entries, there are some absolutely amazing, stunning, beautiful images to choose from!  Voting is open until the 19th of February and I’d forever be grateful if you guys would head over and place a vote for your favorite image! The ultimate goal of is to put this resource in the hands of the moms and dads looking for a birth photographer, so if you know someone who is expecting, please forward them our website:!  We have an extensive resource section that includes how to find a midwife or doula as well as a ton of recommended reading on a variety of topics.  Lots of great stuff, check it out.

Just to be clear, I’m not asking you to vote for me.  I didn’t enter as I felt it was a conflict of interest with me running the contest.  Instead, I’ll just post my favorite birth image from Kennedi’s birth in 2011 here and share it with you guys….

Please go vote for your favorite image!