This little guy is just the sweetest and so fun to photograph!  It’s been awhile since I’ve photographed him and I couldn’t get over how much he’s grown and those swoon worthy curls he’s sporting!!  And a toddler with a killer golf swing?!  Yes please!!

You can’t tell from this photo, but this little guy brought the chub, the rolls, the chunk, the rubber band wrists to his session.  And he rocked all of the above.  I just love happy, chubby, little babies!DSC_6937w

She is completely adored, in case you can’t tell 😉


Jul 31, 2016
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He’s super excited about our big news!


Due February-ish.
Baby is currently healthy and strong.
We will find out if it’s a boy or a girl as soon as we are in the same state again.
I have been incredibly sick this time.
We are planning another homebirth with our favorite midwife, Heather Hilton.
We will be hiring a birth photographer.
The kids are THRILLED.
So are we!


Uhhhh, could he be any cuter?!  Nope.  I don’t think in all of my 10 years of business I have ever seen a baby go from SO happy, to pitiful sad, to SO happy, this quickly.  It’s literally seconds in between and just the funniest thing ever!  And his sad faces are still so photo worthy, just adorable!  I can’t wait to photograph them again in a few short months.


I’ll be honest, we all hoped and predicted that baby Bowen would have a few rolls.  His big sister did and oh boy was I happy to see him show up with rubber band wrists and a bit of chunk.  So, so sweet!  Oh I just can’t wait to see him again at 6 months old!  And this location brought back so many memories, it’s the same spot where we photographed big sister when her mom was pregnant with her.  Times have changed for sure!


I’ve been really lucky to see this family several times over the last year.  I can’t believe how much Ian and Graham have grown and we’ve managed to capture some really wonderful memories with both sides of their family in the mix.  It’s so easy to see why Chris and Allison are so great now having met both of the families they came from!  I have loved meeting each and every one!


Ms. Maddie usually makes me work for the smiles but wow – not this time!  She showed up all smiles and I love that I can hear the giggles just looking at these!  So much fun!!  And I’m pretty sure she and Jonah need to be besties – her red hair is to die for!!


These two kiddos have a very sweet relationship.  I love capturing them together.  This day was super windy, but we still got some wonderful memories captured!


The morning of this session was freezing!  And I was hobbling around in my not so fancy moon boot.  We were all kind of a mess but it totally worked out and we caught some beautiful shots of Tino and Taryn.  That shot up top with the tear just steals my heart.  I love smiling and happy photos, but the ones that tell the story of real motherhood and childhood, get me every single time!


5 years ago I had an idea for a frame in our foyer. I wanted something that said “a photographer lives here” because at that time we had very few photos hung up in our home. I was horrible about printing (shame, I know). Thankfully, that has changed and our home is now filled with photos that make me smile. The frame desperately needed an update to add Jonah though. Finally! I’ll miss the pic of Kylie, but so happy to have my Jonah Bear up there! I loooove it! Oddly, the original photo of the frame on my blog has sent more traffic to my website than any other. It’s had almost 400K pins from Pinterest and we still, 5 years later, get almost weekly requests from people wanting Jason to build them one. If he could figure out how to ship it, he’d probably do it!


This little guy was so charming!  I was so impressed with him!  And would you believe me if I told you that at the ripe age of 2 he has a killer golf swing?!  He totally does, with a real kid sized golf club!  Like I said, impressed!  He even shoot my hand like a little man when it was time to head home.  Swoon!