Jonah and his traveling chair strike again.  I love how this photo is half warm light and half cool light, almost split down the middle.


ABCDEFG theif. He calls ACV (apple cider vinegar) ABCDEFG and it makes me laugh every single time. And he steals it all.


We finally got the new outdoor lighting up. It’s her new favorite spot to hang out with Pepper.


This photo is technically horrible but it makes me laugh so much I had to include it in my 365.  I think the Texas sun melted my boys.


The kids got to tag along to Jane’s birthday party. While I took photos, they bowled. I’m impressed with his stance.


Again, we don’t let the dogs on the furniture. Sigh. Why is she so cute?


Some of my favorite people jumped in front of my camera this evening!  And I absolutely loved this location!!


This little guy was so sleepy, and oh so very loved.  His momma is an animator and I absolutely love that she wanted to include animation books in their session, so sweet!


In 10 years of business, this little sweetheart is by far the most smiley little newborn I’ve ever photographed!  I lost count how many smiles were thrown my way….love!


Those eyes.  The red curls.  Those thighs.  Swooooon.


This family is one of my faves and I was so excited to find out that they were expecting another baby!  Another year of memories to capture for the sweetest people you’d ever meet.  I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


This little cutie stole the show.  His three big sisters just adore him, I mean, who can blame them?!?  Those big brown eyes AND a bow tie?!  Swoon!

And I have to share this….little man’s hair was neatly gelled and combed to the side.  Midway through the session one of his big sisters said “Mommy!  Wait!  Stop!  His hair isn’t Jello’d anymore!!”  Cutest thing I heard all day!