homeschool valentines day

This week was all about love.  We made valentines day mailboxes from Michael’s and the kids loved filling them with little love notes to each other all week.  I also put together a ring of paint chips to help teach Jonah his colors each week.  I love this project, it was FREE!  Free paint chips and a binder ring from the junk drawer…viole!

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Matthew 22:37
Character Love
Letter of the Week Cc
Number of the Week 3
Shape Heart
Color Pink
Theme / Science Bugs
Physical Education Yoga
Health / Food Manganese/Berry
Sensory Valentine Box
Art Heart Caterpillar
Music Jesus Hokie Pokie
Story Time Guess How Much I Love You
Play / Game Heart Bean Bag Toss
Field Trip V-Day Dance
Additional Resources:
Heart Ladybug Craft
Where is Baby’s Valentine?
Happy Valentines Day Mouse
Curious George Valentines Day
Pete The Cat
Crazy for C
Love coloring page


This week was all about fire trucks and fire safety.  Taryn and Jude completed the fire safety books and really enjoyed it.  I’m also including photos of our letter boxes that I forgot to include with last weeks post.  They have been a huge hit so far this year.  Since then I’ve added in color boxes and he loves those too.  Our trip to the fire station was a bust due to the station’s scheduling issues….but we will finally get to go on Monday with a big homeschool group!

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse 1 Peter 3:15
Character Respect
Letter of the Week Bb
Number of the Week 2
Shape Triangle
Color Red
Theme / Science Fire
Physical Education Stop Drop Roll
Health / Food Oranges / Folate
Sensory Fire Sensory Box
Art Fire Dog Puppet
Music Fire Safety Song
Story Time Big Franks Fire Truck
Play / Game Pretend Campfire
Field Trip Fire Station Visit
Additional Resources:
My Mouth is a Volcano
What if everyone did that?
Respect and Take Care of Things
Hey, Little Ant
Sparky The Fire Dog
No Dragons For Tea
Clifford The Firehouse Dog
Fire Safety Booklet
Alternate Fire Safety Booklet
Call 911
DIY Campfire
B is For Boogie Song
Triangle Song
Respect coloring page
Firefighter Do A Dot Printables


Daddy, belly and Storybots.

We use StoryBots with homeschool and he’s obsessed. Best app ever.


Bath photo in my 365 means I waited too long during the day to take my photo. I predict 100 bath photos during busy season lol.


This guy has been avoiding wanting to learn how to ride his bike. He just hasn’t been in to it. He asked Jase to help him today. And he did great, Jase let go quite a few times. I didn’t notice until editing that Jude wasn’t wearing shoes. That kid. He’d go barefoot all the time if we didn’t make him wear shoes.


We usually do a homeschool field trip on Fridays that follows along with our lesson plan. I had a rare Saturday off work so we moved our field trip to the weekend so Jase could tag along. Our theme this week was airplanes and the kids all agreed it was the most fun week so far. Our “field trip” was a simple one, we loaded up all the things in our house that fly and took off to the park with some homeschool friends. It was a perfect blustery day for it too. Kites, frisbies, balsa wood planes, gliders followed by a picnic dinner, it was a blast!

preschool construction unit

Homeschool 2015 week one was a great start to our year.  This is our first year educating 4 children at home.  We are covering everything from Farm Animals to Physics this year!  In addition to the structured curriculum for Jude, Taryn and Ty, I have put together an early pre-k curriculum for Jonah.  We have a theme each week and our first theme was Construction / Diggers.  I forgot to add photos of our Letter Boxes for this week – I’ll add them for week 2 when I post – they were a huge hit with Jonah.  Our week looked like this:

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Ephesians 4:32
Character Kindness
Letter of the Week Aa
Number of the Week 1
Shape Circle
Color Yellow
Theme / Science Diggers
Physical Education Free Construction Movement Cards
Health / Food Potassium / Banana
Sensory Construction Box
Art Digger bean craft
Music 5 big dump trucks
Story Time Where do diggers sleep
Play / Game Matching Game
Field Trip n/a

Additional Ideas & Resources:
Construction Cones
Tactile Letters Kit
Water Wow No Mess Coloring
Melissa & Doug See Inside Numbers Peg Puzzle
Wedgits Blocks Kit
Magnatab Number Board
Melissa & Doug Construction Peg Puzzle
Melissa & Doug Vehicles Reusable Sticker Pad
Construction Coloring Pages
More Construction Coloring Pages
Construction Trace The Lines
Construction Scissor Practice (we love love love these toddler scissors)
Toddler Collage By Color

Reading List:
The Construction Alphabet Book
The Diggers
Dazzling Diggers
Digger Man
B is for Bulldozer

The Circle Song
The ABC Song by Storybots
Hooray for A
The Number 1



He doesn’t get much screen time but since we started school he’s fallen in love with Storybots. Today, he found Jude’s old listening program headphones and was *thrilled* when I plugged them in so he could watch Storybots.

We love their apps and find something applicable with our preschool lesson plans every single week.


Building paper airplane launchers with daddy. Free, fun, project for the kids to wrap up airplane week for homeschool.


I spent yesterday photographing a beautiful birth. We went from “baby will be here around 4:30 pm, take your time” to “come now!” 12:30 pm was the new time and I arrived in the parking garage around 12:25 pm. I was so thankful for light traffic on I35 (for once – go Austin!). I literally ran in to the hospital and she was taken back 2 minutes later. I threw on a fancy paper outfit and things started happening. Baby boy is SO cute! His gender was a surprise and his big brothers were *thrilled* to have a baby brother! Congrats S family!!

Mar 11, 2015


I’m currently working up updating and freshening up a few things with the business, including a new pricing guide.  I thought I’d come share a few fluff photos including my new jump drives from USB Memory Direct.  I absolutely love them!


I was off witnessing and photographing the miracle of birth today.  Ty held down the fort, handled homeschool and nap time and snacks and all that comes with the chaos of this house.  It can be hard to come home, pick up my camera and find inspiration after witnessing so many beautiful moments all day long and using up my creative tap.  Thankfully, these two yahoos above made it easy to quickly grab my photo of the day when I made it home just in time for dinner, bath and bed.