I got brave and decided to venture out and take my own kids to frolic in the bluebonnets and capture them.  The light was so pretty, all warm and glowing.  And they did awesome.  It reminded me that I need to take them out for photos together more often.  I’ve been seriously slacking in that department, relying on my iphone and Samsung 300nx (which I looooove btw).  Life is busy.  Jonah is uber busy lol.  They were awfully good to me this night.  The first photo, is just so them, their personalities embodied.  And the last one WILL be big in my house somewhere.  It was totally worth the venomous spider bite I got on my hand that night.  It’s been driving me crazy, it itches, and is so so gross.  Be thankful I didn’t share a pic of it…it’s bad.


This family has just a ton of love and I’m super excited I get to see them again (tonight actually!).  The baby chub, it makes you want to just reach out and pinch your screen doesn’t it?  I mean, really.  ::::pinch pinch::::


You might not be able to tell in these photos but these girls….are…ninjas.  Super sneaky, super fun, ninjas.  Yup.  Photographing them is *always* an adventure and they always bring so much energy to their sessions.  And something super unexpected.  At the end they busted out their super silly ninja disguises.  SO FUN.  Total crackups, I laughed the whole time!


Just a few favorites from a birth last October.  They may look a bit familiar, they are related to another repeat birth client and it was so fun to capture their birth too.  When mom initially contacted me, I wasn’t technically back from maternity leave for births after having Jonah.  But when she called and I found out who she was and that she was due on the same day I had Jonah just one year prior.  We just clicked on the phone and in that moment I came out of maternity leave for births.  I’m so so glad I did.  The cool thing is that it was big brother’s birthday.  While I’m sure it was hard to have a bunch of gifts waiting to be opened at home, he received the best birthday gift ever!  I love the shots of them meeting for the first time.


The sweet little baby in the perfectly round bump in my previous post!  Obviously still catching up on blogging from the fall since there is a Christmas tree in the background up there!  I will catch up, I’m determined!  Unfortunately, big brother had a raging ear infection for this session.  He crashed out on the chair in the living room just a few minutes in…poor guy was pretty miserable.  We met up again a few days later and he was all better with lots of smiles!


Have you ever seen such a cute, adorable, perfectly round baby belly?  Everything about this family is so adorable.  This session was shot in just under 30 minutes.  Seriously, they made my job so easy.  And fun!