Milo is so very loved.  This sweet big sister couldn’t resist his little baby toes.  I can’t blame her.


Love them.  So much.  Jane and Joan steal my heart over and over and over.  We laughed that some day I will have to put together a book for them, or at least a blog post, of awesome Jim poses.  He’s always cracking the girls up and having a good time, I love it!


I’ve been photographing this family each fall for years, since the boys were itty bitty.  They decided to mix it up a bit and do a spring session this year.  We had so much fun with all the green and color at the botanical gardens.  So different from our usual urban sessions downtown – it’s fun to mix it up sometimes!

b austin family photos

Catching up with these little beauties is always a joy and I was so happy to see them.  They’ve grown so very much!


Sometimes the end of a session inches toward nap time.  When that means extra snuggles and a sleepy boy snuggling with his momma, I just love it!


This post makes me so happy.   I’ve been honored more than once to capture their journey.  As she said in a note to me, I’ve been there to capture their memories, life, death, happiness, sadness, funerals and now engagement. Danielle has found love in Donathan and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.  Her checklist was that he love God, treats his momma well, loves her kids and the dog.  He’s a keeper!  We took these at the family farm that’s over 100 years old.  I drove up to Corsicana on Saturday, I just couldn’t refer her out to someone closer.  Seeing her so happy and in love is amazing.


I’ve been blessed to get to photograph Joan from her very first day of life and a bunch of milestones ever since.  So when her momma wanted to capture the magic that is the first of kindergarten, I jumped in!  When I arrived at their house this morning, Joan was waiting for me in front of the house, she threw up her arms and exclaimed “Ms. Lyndsay, I’m starting KINDERGARTEN!”  So excited and I hear her teacher is super nice.   I just can’t believe this sweet girl is starting school.  And Jane is heading in to 3rd grade!  I’ll blink and be taking their senior photos!


We have had the hardest time figuring out a great name for Taryn’s new puppy.  We really considered Rosie, Lucy, Chloe, Sadie and a bunch more.  The final decision and name is:  Pepper!


We are totally in love with her.  She’s perfectly content being carried everywhere by Taryn.  She’s seriously so calm and gentle.  Half Brittany Spaniel, half Lab.


This happened today!!!!  When Taryn picked her up, she laid her head on Taryn’s shoulder and she just melted.  She said this is the one.


This kid is a trooper.  Two very long days in the car traveling from Alabama back to Texas and he didn’t fuss or cry once.


The only thing better than spending time at the beach is the super awesome, guaranteed, long, wonderful, toddler is exhausted, beach nap.  it’s a beautiful thing.