File this in two places.  1 – funny places my kids sleep.  and 2 – when my husband oversees homeschool the table looks like this.


I have to brag on him a bit. He wrangles over 1,000 birth photographers in 24 countries for IAPBP, oversees our image competition and generally keeps things running smoothly day to day on birthphotographers.com. All while moonlighting at his real job as a Software Engineer.  He also holds down the fort at home, teaches four kids who homeschool in my absence AND delivers me dinner 40 minutes away when I’m at a long birth – all so I can do what I love so much. I just wanted to publicly say thank you Jason Stradtner and I appreciate all you do for our family and birthphotographers.com!


This kid is 7.  Big, healthy, strong.  His birthday wish was shopping at the Lego store, the Thinkery and LOTS of decorations to celebrate.  So we did just that.

jonah guitar

Backtracking a bit.  This boy is obsessed with his guitar.

Feb 09, 2015
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Spelling master. This girl has been motivated. Taryn is almost finished with school work for the entire week. On a Monday afternoon. All her idea. That girl is on fire! Independent, confident, focused. I foresee her finishing 4th grade early and moving on to 5th.


My littlest valentine. Diving in to our new book stash.


This is what happens to my photography when I have a migraine. My first one in 20 years. I had a great plan to have a family night next door at my mom’s house. Complete with dinner around the fire pit and roasting marshmallows. The weather was perfect and gorgeous. I started the day with a mild headache. My mom, Taryn and I went furniture shopping for her new house and it progressively got worse as the day went on. By the time I was finished prepping dinner I was no longer functional. I missed out on the fire pit and dinner and marshmallows. I took one photo out the window from our master bedroom. You can’t even see the family around the fire. But at least I didn’t miss a day. I’m planning another night like this, minus the migraine, asap!


Daddy daughter Valentine’s Day dance. Cutest thing ever.


Practicing his flute-o-phone. He’s struggled with his music class the last 2 years. His teacher is a little intense for his personality and it’s definitely something we have had to help him work through. Her heart is in the right place. We are getting there, we’ve all made adjustments, prayed and put in effort. Learning how to get along with others, be tolerant and loving, is such a valuable lesson. He’s learning more than just music.


My mom flew back in to town today and Jonah couldn’t be more thrilled.  She’s getting all the love today.



Taryn snagged the early morning Jonah bear snuggles this morning.  And by early morning I mean 8:30ish.  Homeschool perk for sure.