Sometimes it’s the serious ones….


and sometimes it’s the smiling ones….


that are my faves.


I have been so honored to photograph Libby’s family through the years.  I have been able to do each of the boys’ newborn sessions and so it was really special to get to do a 3rd newborn session for their newest addition, Joshua!  It feels like yesterday that I was photographing Will as a newbornThen Jack and now baby boy #3!  Libby is an amazing photographer and really excels at posing sweet newborns (she did Jonah’s session) and so we really wanted a more lifestyle feel to these, getting her in front of the camera a lot.  I just love the photos of her with her sweet little guy.  And that last photo of Jackson, oh my goodness, so funny!  He’s really embracing his promotion to middle child lol!  Libby and Greg, you are blessed with such a beautiful family and I’m so thrilled for you guys!  I am so thankful for your friendship, your prayers, your support, always lending an ear when I need one, and the many beautiful memories you’ve captured for my family over the years.  I am so blessed by your friendship!


When Libby had Joshua I offered to go up to the hospital and do a Fresh 48 session for her.  She’s also a photographer and we often swap sessions.  She decided to keep it to just her, Greg and Joshua knowing we’d get photos of the boys together at their newborn session.  It was so fun to share these with her, she messaged me right back and said “I had no idea how much these would mean to me!”  I love that.  I think so many mommas feel that way and it’s one of the reasons I love my job so very much.  Joshua changed so much in just the few days between his Fresh 48 and newborn session.  I’m pretty sure he got even cuter….if that’s possible!


I could not wait for this session….I was so curious to meet Bowen and see if he looks just like his big sister.  At first I thought they look pretty different, but my goodness, thumbing through their proofs I think they look so similar!  It’ll be really interesting to see how much he’s changed in just a few weeks at his next session.  Congrats M family!  I’m so thrilled your baby boy is in your loving arms!




This little beauty rocked her session!  Could she be any cuter?!

She’s here!  And it was so amazing to watch their dreams become a reality!  They fought for so long to get her here and it was absolutely amazing to watch them become a family of 4!  As predicted, I totally cried.  I’m so happy for them!!



My second (only to my own Taryn Elizabeth) favorite Taryn just turned 2!!  Time flies!!

I absolutely adore the way he’s looking at her…


Mar 26, 2016
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Last night we went to Good Friday Service at the Frank Erwin Center.  Over 16,000 believers there to celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.  It was beautiful and inspiring and I absolutely loved seeing my children worship with such a big crowd.  Taryn and Jude sang.  One of them (duder) sang until he fell asleep on Jason’s shoulder.  And it turns out that Jonah is a throw your arms up in the air, praise Jesus, hallelujah, kind of worshipper!  Who knew?!  I loved it!

As wonderful as it was, I totally overdid it with my injured foot.  By the time we got back to the car it was incredibly swollen, I was in tears and Jason had to drive us home, I couldn’t drive.  He got me settled in them had to take Ty all the way back in to Austin to go get the other vehicle since we met there after work.  I felt so bad they had to do that, but the pain was just too much.  I guess I’m not healed enough to venture out.  I kept it up all day because I had a session tonight and really needed to be functional again.  I’m so ready to participate in life again, I miss going on adventures with my kids so much.

pregnancy maternity photographers in austin

I cried like a big baby when they told me about this pregnancy.  I didn’t just cry, I ugly cried.  It was not pretty lol!  I can’t imagine being any happier for a family with such wonderful news.  It’s been a journey to get this little one here and I absolutely cannot wait until the birth!  And every milestone after that.  I can already see so many wonderful photographs with Ethan, who, by the way, is going to be the best big brother EVER!

One frame after this one Jonah gave Jude a wet willy.  Brothers!03_18_2016_w