This pumpkin patch has been a tradition since Jonah was just a few days old. We snuck this trip in during a break in the rain when Ty was off work.


My mom and I snuck out today to do some birthday shopping for Jonah. One stop and we got everything we needed and more. I love Lakeshore Learning.

Note: I’ve missed some days here, see image 288.



Loss. In some ways it’d be easier to hide away. To grieve privately. To feel broken and struggling in the shadows. The truth is, most probably wouldn’t notice or see the pain if we didn’t say it out loud. I’ve found strength in women who share their own losses with grace and understanding. We saw the heart beating that last day, but knew it would stop soon, we came home and prayed for a miracle that was not in His plan. This baby was loved. I wanted our baby to feel that, and not my pain or fear, when death arrived. This baby was cherished. Anticipated. They all were. This is our third loss this year. This one was further along, we were so very hopeful this time. We are finding comfort in the Lord and holding on tight to one another. He has a purpose. I can lay my pain and fear and struggles at His feet and I’m so very thankful for that. We will continue to trust Him and praise Him through this storm.

Note: I tried so hard to keep up with my 365 Project during the first trimester, but really struggled to not miss any days. I did miss a few both before and after the miscarriage. I’m giving myself some grace to continue on with the project even though it will be incomplete.


I’m choosing my battles today. I don’t feel like choosing this one: toddler who demands on carrying his crocs while wearing fireman rain boots on a sunny day to the chiropractor.

Note: I missed a few days here, see day 288.


I tried to be fun today. I took the kids to the museum, IMAX and UMLAUF. It was a disaster, everything that could go wrong, did, but we had peanut butter sandwiches in the car. At least that went right.


Some much needed fresh air, a long walk and a park visit.

Pregnancy exhaustion was in full force this day and it was all I could do to get moving.


Another day of extra snuggles in bed, lots of reading and new fall books.

Note: I missed a few days here, see day 288.


Found him like this, in The Word.


We spent the biggest part of this day in bed, snuggling, reading, being lazy homeschoolers on break. All except Ty who is knee deep in to the 12th grade.




Lazy dogs sleeping inside the kids play tunnel. You should have seen Mags trying to get out of there. Silly dog looked like a giant in a doll house lol!


Oh happy day.

This is the day we told the 3 little kids about the new baby.  I have so many mixed emotions about this.  Joy, because our little one was so loved by ALL of us while with us.  Anticipated and loved.  There was so much excitement in the air.  Jude was so happy you’d have thought he won the lottery.  Then I have to second guess our decision to tell them, because they are suffering this loss right along with us.  The sorrow, the tears, the questions of why.  I know we did the right thing in telling them, but it’s so hard to mourn with them this time.  Everything looked great, it was time to tell them.