Good Morning Sunshine.

Taryn has a new dental appliance that is helping her with sleep apnea.  It’s working.  She’s sleeping more than ever.  She would normally rise as early at 4:45 or 5 am.  Sleep disordered breathing is no fun and we are so thankful it’s working.  This is her “Good Morning Sunshine” face when she sleeps in until 9:45 am.  9:45 am yall!!  I can’t believe how much it has improved her sleep, mood and hormone regulation.  The fact that it’s straightening her teeth = total bonus!


Somehow Texas skipped winter and we went straight to summer.  This kid is not complaining.  With my foot injury, he’s only getting outside time once Daddy gets home from work.  The second Jason walks in the door, Jonah is ready to head out!


His preschool theme this week is boats.  He is obsessed with this lego boat my mom sent to him.



Mar 22, 2016


Ouch.  I took a bad fall at a newborn session.  I fell over a small, oddly placed, step.  It was a hard fall broken only by my camera, lens and concrete.  Jason had to come and get me and bring me straight to the ER because as soon as I got up I could feel the bones moving around inside my foot.  Thankfully, one of my dear photographer friends jumped in her car and rushed over to finish the session for me.  One split second and a fall has turned in to a painful, expensive, nightmare.  I could barely move, I hurt my foot, both knees, elbow, and my camera was shoved in to my wrist on impact.  A trip to the bathroom meant 30 minutes to get there and a lot of tears in pain.  Thankfully, I had a neighbor offer me some crutches and a sweet client offer me a knee rolling cart.  They both helped, plus this fancy new $500 boot.  But moving around was horrible.  I hate being stuck in a sitting position.  I have things to do!  Four children to chase and raise and care for, not to mention we are in the middle of our homeschool year, I need to be up teaching them.  I miss going on adventures with them, or even walking to the mailbox.  Trying to keep up with a 3 year, feels….impossible.  And because it is my right foot, I was unable to drive.  Jason had to work for home for over a week and really, it should have been much longer than that, it’s been a struggle.  I haven’t been able to work for weeks and my family relies heavily on my income.  I am tired of being in pain and am praying for healing daily.  It’s been a month and I’m trying to go back to work because bluebonnets bloomed early this year.  One day at a time.  I’m so thankful for understanding clients who don’t mind me being a little slower than usual.  So, I missed a month of my 365 project, I’m trying to pick it back up here and there, but I’m sure I’ll still miss some days until I’m all healed up.


I absolutely love doing “Fresh 48” sessions!  They occur in the hospital after the birth but before the family heads home.  You’d be surprised how much babies change in those first few days!  They will look so different by the time a newborn sessions happens!  Ms. Ruby is my newest baby planner and I’m so excited to get to photograph her first year.  Unfortunately, I had to hire someone to cover her newborn session for me because I suffered a bad fall and foot injury during another newborn session the day after these photos were taken.  My photog friend Tara did a beautiful job, but it was so hard for me to not be able to be there to photograph Ruby as a newborn.  That hair and those eyes, she’s so dreamy and perfect!  I just love all of her facial expressions!


My mom and I planned this sweet little tea party for the kids the week of Valentine’s Day.  We made all sorts of special treats and used my grandmother’s old tea set.  I have so many wonderful memories of tea with my grandmother when I was a little girl.  The set is chipped and dinged and that’s one of my favorite things about it.  It means it was loved and used.  So we had tea with our pinkies in the air and it was lovely!


This day was so SO so cold.  And windy.  Joan was such a big trooper!  We took cover in the parking garage and I’m so glad we did.  At the very end of our session we were blessed with the single most gorgeous Texas sunset I’ve seen.  It peeked out from the clouds for just a moment and was glorious!  We considered it our reward for the cold and wind and it was totally worth it!

My tiny dictator telling me off because I poured out the glass of water he said he no longer wanted.


Pie Face, sweet face.  I can’t stop laughing.


My baby boy turned 8 today. We surprised him with the ultimate lego gift, the millenium falcon. He was SHOCKED!  When Jude was little, he was a very, very sick little boy.  Each year is a gift that we are so very thankful for.  He’s a tremendous blessing to our family.


Mar 21, 2016
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Gosh this is one of my new favorite photos.  I wanted to include it in my 366 but I took it on the 5th and had to have the photo of Jason and Taryn going to their last daddy daughter dance.  I had to come post it though….


Mar 21, 2016

Tea party frill.