I’m absolutely loving getting see this beauty 3 times in the last few months.  We did her birthday session and now sessions with both sets of grandparents and family!  I absolutely love taking photos of kiddos with grandparents, it’s a relationship like no other and really beautiful to capture.  I can’t wait to come share more from this session!


Our homeschool theme this week was art.  My kids spent hours and hours on Art for Kids Hub.  They are obsessed and my mom and I even joined in on 4 or 5 videos.



I measure the success of our homeschool days by how dirty my kids are at the end of each day.  Some days are more successful than others.

north austin maternity pregnancy photographer

I was so excited when this family contacted me to let me know they were expecting again.  Ms. H. is a graduated baby planner and I absolutely loved capturing her first year.  She’s grown so much and just has the most sweet little personality.  This little one will be arriving soon and I absolutely cannot wait to see her as a big sister!!

preschool dinosaur week

Hands down, their (and my) favorite part of dinosaur week was the frozen egg project.  It was actually surprisingly easy to get little dinosaurs in to tiny water balloons.  The kids loved using water droppers to excavate the dinosaurs out.  It took awhile but they were interested and it kept them busy, win win!  And we all spent the week with Storybots dinosaur songs stuck in our head!  And the dino park with homeschool friends was a blast too.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse John 14:6
Character Arguing
Letter of the Week Ii
Number of the Week 9
Shape Triangle
Color Brown
Theme / Science Dinosaurs
Physical Education Stomping
Health / Food Kale / Vit K
Sensory Dino Sensory Bin
Art Dinosaur Feet
Music Tyrannosaurus Rex
Story Time How do dinosaurs count to 10
Play / Game Match It – Dino Game
Field Trip Dino Dig Park
Additional Resources:  
Build Shape Dinosaurs
Dino PreSchool Printables
Dino Dot Marker
Digging Up Dinosaurs
Nat Geo First Big Book of Dinos
Harry & The Bucketful of Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Dig
The Lost Dinosaur Bone
Dinos for Sensory Bin
Dino Cutting Paper Craft
Frozen Dino Eggs
DIY Dino out of paper towel rolls
Classic Beach Set for Dino Dig Park
D for Dinosaur Shape Craft
Handprint Dino Craft
Paper Dino Hat
Dress up Dino Tails
Painting Dino Tracks
Dino Shape Matching Game
Dino Pom Pom Mat
Shape Flashcards



Snuck away with this guy and my mom tonight to take a few photos of him. He’s turning 18 in just a few days and that’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around. His birthdays are making me feel older than my own.

preschool train weekMy kids had a blast during train week.  Hands down, their favorite thing, was using trains to paint.  We put paint on our paper and then used the wheels of the trains to run it across the paper.  The paintings were all so different and the kids had a blast with it.  They also loved their conductor uniforms and the ride in to Austin on the metro.  Definitely a fun week for us!  Even Ty joined in by setting up different train track areas in the house for the little kids.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse 3 John 1:8
Character Cooperation
Letter of the Week Hh
Number of the Week 8
Shape Circle
Color Orange
Theme / Science Trains
Physical Education Skipping
Health / Food Oranges / Vit C
Sensory Train Table Fun
Art Name Trains
Music Working on the Railroad
Story Time The Goodnight Train
Play / Game Number Train Puzzle
Field Trip Ride the Metro
Additional Resources:
Riding on a Train Song
Paint a Train
M & D Train Sticker Pad
Giant ABC 123 Puzzles
Train Do A Dot Printables (free)
Shape Train Craft
Early Learning Train Pack
T is for Train Printables (free)
Train Track Painting
Train Coloring Pages
IKEA Train Tracks
Nat Geo Trains
Train Stickers
Freight Train Board Book
Curious George Takes the Train
Train Stencils
Fruit Train
Engineer Hat
Train Whistle
Train Lacing Beads


Today was hard.  Motherhood got the best of me and I cried more than once.  It was a Monday, through and through.  Jude wasn’t in to doing school and was full of peskiness today.  It just brought in a negative feel to our day that lasted all day long.  We couldn’t shake it off and this momma was super happy when the kids were in bed.  Thankful I can hit my knees tonight, hand it up to the Lord and have a fresh start tomorrow.

Image above… week.  We are super excited about it, we have some great projects on tap for this week.  Taryn is putting her own spin on Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  And Jude is creating his version of Red Canna by George O’Keeffe.  We will be using a lot of different mediums this week.  Jonah’s favorite today was the chalk.  I thought for sure it’d be the finger paints, but nope, chalk was the winner.  We are also rounding out Ty’s final week in the 11th grade.  Being done with teaching high school and grading until August, yes please!!


Summer patio dinners are my new fave.