We finally had a nice day that was warm enough for the kids to play outside.  Duder loves riding his scooter between our house and my moms house (have I mentioned she bought the house next door?!).  I had a really hard time choosing my 365 image today and actually have an honorable mention….

Grumpy teenager judges my choice to do a 365 Project lol!


Jan 03, 2015

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Usually, by the middle of December I’m scrambling to organize family photos for my crew.  After busy season and spending months taking photos of everyone else’s family, I realize I need some of my own.  Plumber with a leaky faucet and all that.  This year was different.  This year I realized midway through the year that Ty will likely graduate next fall.  That fact hit me like a ton of bricks.  He could go away to college.  He could move out.  I won’t have a say in when he comes home to visit.  This could be our last holiday season with all 4 kids under one roof.  BRICK.  WALL.  How did this happen?  Why did it go so fast?  In my mind, he’s still 6 years old.  But he’s not, he’s 17.5 and about to venture out on his own pretty soon.  So yeah, I planned ahead this year and organized both our Christmas Tree Farm session and this session with Tara at Life is Sweet Photo Boutique.  Man, she made us look good!  I’m so beyond thrilled with our photos, these are just a few of them and I couldn’t be any happier.  She captured my family perfectly!  I’ve already printed them and plastered them across our house!  Tara, thank you so much for these, they are just precious to me and you did amazing at capturing this time in our lives!!

Edited to add:  A HUGE thank you to Katie of Modern Muse for doing my makeup.  She’s amazing and I highly recommend hiring her if you are investing in family photos – she’s worth every penny to help you feel beautiful in front of the camera!!


Meet Zoe, isn’t she just the sweetest?!  I had fun photographing her along with her big sister and parents this morning!


His lentil spaghetti became a hat during lunch so a quick sink bath before heading to the chiropractor today.  He’s too big, wiggly and grabby for the sink bath, this will very likely be his very last one.  File this under *what was I thinking?!*


This one started 2015 with a bang.  To the head.  So scary.  Not how we planned on starting the new year. Jude and Jonah had a collision and Jonah hit his head hard on the floor. When Jason picked him up he went stiff, stopped crying, his hands extended and he was unresponsive. Similar to a seizure, but not. Jase eased him to the floor and we called 911, so scary. One ambulance ride and ER visit later, he’s fine. Active, busy, chatting up a storm. ER doctor says that it’s unlikely it was a seizure, just too many neurons firing at once from the fall. Better safe than sorry bringing him in. Way to scare us kid. Whew. Thanking God for watching over Jonah today. And we got that little (big) pesky thing called a health insurance deductible out of the way on the first day of the year.


I did a 365 Project a few years ago and looking back, I cherish each and every image.  Then I got pregnant with Jonah and fell off the wagon.  I picked it up here and there – but I’m going to be brave and jump in again for 2014.  I’m excited!  Even if I don’t hit every day, these images will be invaluable.  They are our every day, our life, our details.

I’m calling this post Day Zero because it was technically taken on New Years Eve, 2014.  It was a spontaneous capture during our NYE party at home.  Jonah found my bible and put it on the little white kids table, pointing at verses and turning the pages.  The blur in the foreground is a big plate of salad.  Two things I need more of in the new year, Jesus and salad.  Ha.  Perfect.  Somewhat related, the other day I spotted Jonah sitting at Jude’s desk, turning the pages of his bible saying “this too long, this story too long, too long, too long” with each turn of the page.  We all had a good laugh watching him.  Funny baby.

365, let’s go!

Dec 25, 2014
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Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine.

I’m most thankful today that this year has brought us great spiritual growth and a more personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus.  This year we celebrate his birth, but also our loving relationship with him that has a new breath and life within our home and in our lives.  On this day it’s easy for me to reflect back over the last year and see how much closer we have become to our Lord, how much more time we’ve spent in His word.  Seeing my children thrive and take refuge in His loving grace is an amazing gift, today, and every day.


These boys, this family, just when I think they cannot steal my heart any more, they do.  Their love for one another is so big, so tangible, it’s like it is standing in the room with you.  The laughter and the questions…I probably answer a few hundred question per session, these boys are curious!  I’ve photographed them for quite a few years now, we first met when I volunteered to do some charity work for them.  It was a fundraiser with Mack and Sally Brown at UT to raise money for Cure Duchenne.  Both of their sweet boys have Duchenne MD.  Timothy is walking, that’s a miracle at his age, praise God.  Walking and dancing, they showed me their dance moves during their session this year, so fun!  I hope you’ll join in with me and make a donation to Cure Duchenne this holiday season.  We must continue to support, continue to pray, continue to hope.  Revell family, we love you, we are praying for you and we are so blessed to know you.


The arms.  The arms and rubber band wrists are killing me.  This little guy is exactly 100 days old today.  And he rounds out the very end of my shooting schedule for 2014!  It makes my neurotic side a little edgy that I’m finishing this year at 99 sessions.  How could would it have been to photograph this little guy on his 100th day of life AND have him be my 100th session.  I’m such a numbers person, and neurotic….it was only 1 off!  Gah!  It was an amazing year for me professionally, we were so blessed that our business grew by almost 40%!  I’m so excited to have met so many wonderful new clients this year and caught up with clients I’ve been photographing for years.  And while shooting is done, I still  have a handful to edit, but the end of 2014 is near and busy season is coming to a close.  I have a good 2 weeks off before our homeschool year starts up again and I will be enjoying every single second of that time with my kiddos!

And thank you to this sweet family, for sharing your baby boy with me on his 100th day of life, he’s just the sweetest!


I had the pleasure of photographing Anne and Joe for a love light session a few years ago.  I was thrilled to meet their children when she booked a family session for 2014!  The light on the morning of their session was glorious, all warm and glowing, just beautiful.  I also love that they really wanted to integrate their faith in their session.  Ann blesses her children each morning before they leave the house and wanted that moment captured.   It was beautiful to witness and capture her connecting in faith with each of her children individually and the photos of them praying as a family are some of my all time favorites.  Our next family session will definitely include us praying as a family, I need a photo of us like this too.  And once we got the kids laughing, they couldn’t stop, so fun!  Thank you Ann and Joe for sharing your beautiful family with me for awhile, it was a beautiful experience for me and I hope you love your photos.


I have enjoyed 2 sessions with this sweet family out and about in Austin.  I was really excited when they booked a session this past summer for an in home session.  To get to see where they live and love and dress up and play and cry and laugh and juggle and survive and dance.  All those things, are wrapped up at home.  These days are so fleeting.


These two remind me of two of my own.  It’s a special treat for me to get to photograph sibs with similar age gaps to my own kiddos.  It feels familiar and happy and I just love the connection between these two.  I’m pretty sure she was in his bubble and thought it was funny.  I’d vote funny AND cute.