Apr 30, 2017
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This little guy decided to start rolling over from belly to back and 10 weeks old.  It was actually pretty funny because he did it and it immediately made him really mad.  He loves being on his belly!  So I rolled him back over and he did it again, same result, majorly ticked off lol!

These two have the sweetest little relationship.  Zachary saves all of the really good smiles for Jude.  I can’t blame him a bit though since Jude is really awesome.  While most mommas I know want to have kids close in age so they will have a close relationship, I’m over here loving this whole 9 years apart thing (again).  They are just the cutest together and it reminds me so much of when Ty used to rush home from school and stand in front of me with his arms stretched out, anxiously waiting to hold Jude the second he walked through the door.  And now it is Jude’s turn.  He’s constantly swooping in for snuggles and smiles from our little ray of sunshine.

Eating dinner with a 10 week old usually looks like this.  Jason is amazing.  He makes sure I get to sit down and eat dinner with the family every single night.  He knows that breakfast and lunch can be a challenge around here, with me sneaking it in when there’s a free minute here or there.  Many times, Taryn steps in and helps fix or finish prepping breakfast and lunch.  I appreciate knowing that one meal will be easier.  And Zachary loves sitting on his lap during dinner time.  He usually sits and talks or laughs at our dining room chandelier, silly baby.  Tonight though, he couldn’t keep his sweet little baby eyes open.

I haven’t talked about it much publicly, but the 4th trimester has been very difficult for me.  Healing from a difficult c-section has been long and painful.  Emotional healing, every more so.  I’m not driving yet post surgery, and staying home all the time has been hard with 4 kids under foot.  Even though we homeschool, we rarely stay home all the time under normal circumstances.  By the time the weekend gets here, the 4 walls of this house are closing in on me.  I gave Jason a long list of things we can do to help me feel better, emotionally and physically, and leaving the house at least once on the weekend is at the top of both lists.  So for the last month, we’ve loaded the kids in the car, grabbed a comfy folding chair and a boppy nursing pillow, packed a picnic and hit a few local parks / lakes.  The first trip out Zachary and I stayed in the car nursing the whole time as I wasn’t able to navigate the hiking trails and stairs yet.  I searched and managed to find a few parks with easier access that I could make it to over the following weeks.  Last weekend we ventured out to Inks Lake and I managed a short hike with the family.  I finally feel like my body is starting to function again and getting out in the sunshine is so good for me emotionally.  Plus the kids had a really fantastic time canoeing with Jason – it was the highlight of our adventure.  Jonah woke up the next morning talking about it and tried to convince me we should go canoeing really quick before Daddy had to leave for work lol.  Most of our vacations for this year have had to be cancelled with the added expenses with the hospital transfer and surgery.  While that’s a big bummer, we still want to instill a sense of adventure and reconnecting as a family with nature during the year.  Our kids call it adventuring and look forward to it all week long.

I had this photo in my head the other day that I took of Jonah when he was around Zachary’s age.  I was pinching his chubby cheeks and then afterwards he’d smile big at me….

I wanted to recreate it….but….

It’s just not the same lol!

Apr 25, 2017
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This little IKEA mobile is the best $8 we have spent on Zachary.  He seriously loves this thing.  It hangs right over his changing pad station in our bedroom.  He’s constantly talking to the bunnies and laughing at them.  He’s usually all smiles during diaper changes unless he’s hungry….

Apr 23, 2017
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Celebrating his first Easter and I could not resist.  These remind me of Jonah’s first Easter minus the goofy hat!  I think he looks cute.  But, given the amount of shade he threw me…..I’m not sure he agrees lol!!!….

Apr 22, 2017
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Just when I thought he couldn’t get any cuter, Jason captured this photo of our sweet baby in the new shades he got for Easter.

It’s official. My husband would do just about anything to make me happy. Including offering to get behind the camera and take our kids out in the bluebonnets because I’m still recovering from surgery. I’m not able to work yet and even the occasional 10 minutes behind the camera photographing Zachary, bending, moving, adjusting, is too much for me.  I was sad to miss out on Texas wild flowers this year.

Apr 20, 2017
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I am absolutely loving all the smiles he’s throwing our way.  It’s just the cutest and so fun to see his little, big, personality shining through!

Up until recently all of Jonah’s homeschool preschool lessons have been very hands on.  We finally created an account for him on one of our homeschool computers and signed up for ABC Mouse.  He was pretty excited about it and took to using the mouse and keyboard for the first time really quickly.  I was so impressed.  And he thought he was pretty big doing school on the computer just like the big kids.

Apr 18, 2017
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This little guy has been loving his bath time.  I love giving our babies sink baths and am always a little sad when they graduate to the big tub.