Ok, so if you guys check out the post below of our wall display, it looks simple enough but I can’t tell you how many HOURS upon HOURS it took us. In the end, after measuring and working and measuring some more for WEEKS, I ended up going to the frame store, staked out an area on their big counter and spent at least another hour playing and arranging. I’m happy with the arrangement, but it took FOREVER! I would love to help my clients with wall displays, but I seriously cannot imagine doing this for a client with ease and efficiency.

So check this out, fellow professional photographer, Jamie Schultz just released some new templates to make it easy!

Jamie Schultz Designs

I just downloaded them and they are fantastic! All the work is done for you, all the measuring, all the arranging, it tells you what size the wall needs to be as well as what size images to order and suggestions on where to hang them. There are quite a few displays to choose from, something for everyone and I can’t wait to start using them to help give inspiration to my clients! And for myself, we still have a lot of walls to fill with our rebuild and these are going to come in so handy! Go check ’em out!