Today started like most other days, rise and shine, fix breakfast.  I decided to let Taryn have some Ovaltine "choco milk" as she calls it with breaksfast.  I handed it off to her, she took a great big swig, looks at me and says "good job Mom good job".  LOL  So matter of fact.  And not Mommy, but Mom?!  I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years for some feedback from my employer, ya think I’ll get a raise??  =)

House news:  Our fireplace was removed and thanks to a lot of prep work, the mess was contained.  We’ve been living in the dining room and den area since we had to empty the living room.  We decided it’s a good time to go ahead and finish off the flooring in that area since it’s empty.  We’re having someone come out tomorrow.  Jason laid the tile throughout the house last year but we never put the sealer on it.  Combine that with overusing a Swiffer Wetjet and the tile grout is stained.  That darn wetjet is in the trash.  We hired someone to come out and steam clean it.  Thankfully my mom is going to take off with the kids tomorrow to get them out of the house.  I’m ready to get it done and move everything back into place.

And the BEST news of all?!?  WE HIRED A CONTRACTOR!  YAY!  Yesterday.  A good one too.  We’re paying for it, but it’s worth it!  I am so psyched about it.  We start up in a week or two and it will take several weeks for them to finish our "Massive List" as it was titled on the bid LOL.  So the entire house could reasonably be done in a month – can you believe that?!  I’m so ready!!  It’s going to be hard having people in and out of the house all the time with the kids and living here while all the work is going on, but I’m ready to have it done!