Today we celebrated Jason’s 32nd birthday.  After picking up Ty from school, we ran a few errands and were going to stop to pick up dinner.  I called home to get everyone’s ‘order’.  Jase gave me his, Taryn started yelling her order into the phone and then all of a sudden Teagan yells out “ketchup!!”  “ketchup!!”  “MOMMA KETCHUP!!!!!”  Do you think this kid likes to dip stuff or what?  Funny little guy…..


I am so in love with this face, this kid, this crazy little dude who will karate chop you out of nowhere and then love the bobo he inflicted with utter sincerity.  I love the way he runs.  And dances.  And searches for Ty and Taryn when they’ve been out of sight just a little too long.  He’s a snuggle bug.  And a blankie boy.

And I have to say…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband!  If you want to see a few funny par-tay pics uploaded via iphone, click here.  Trust me, it’s worth the extra click, I can’t stop laughing 😉  He’s seriously the funniest guy I know.