Palo Duro, you are absolutely beautiful!

We had a short travel day so we set up the RV and jumped back in the truck to go check out the visitor center at Palo Duro State Park. I’m so glad we did – the views were spectacular and they had a wonderful interactive area all about the canyon. The kids started their Jr. Ranger packet and actually finished it on their first day!

Part of our Jr. Ranger packet was to take a hike in the canyon. We headed down and the kids quickly spotted a trail that ended at a large cave. I wasn’t thinking we’d actually go up and in the cave but these 3 were determined!

There have been so many times during our travels that I’ve needed to check my postpartum anxiety and ptsd for the sake of my children. I want them to be adventurous. I want them to explore. I want them to leave their comfort zones. And I constantly want to make sure I’m not projecting my fears and worries into their lives in an unhealthy way. I cringed a million times on the inside as my crew climbed up in to this cave and back down. Note to self: adventure days require more Inositol lol! But this look of victory and seeing their joy over getting up there, was totally worth it!