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overheard | austin childrens photographer

By |2009-02-19T11:07:29-06:00February 19th, 2009|Categories: My Family|Tags: , |

while laying in bed, trying to convince myself to get up and start the day, taryn is laying on the floor next to her best fancy nancy voice.... "ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, the beauty shop is on fiiiiiiiiire" it wasn't until after she toddled off and i actually got up and out of bed that i realized [...]


By |2008-03-16T01:02:45-05:00March 16th, 2008|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: |

tap.tap.tap. "daddy these my dancin shoes" tap.tap.tap. "they princess" tap.tap.tap. "hear em daddy?" tap.tap.tap. "I like that noise they make on the floor" tap.tap.tap. "daddy let’s go check the mail in my dancin shoes" tap.tap.tap.tap.tap.

Day 175 | 365 Project

By |2015-06-24T21:19:54-05:00June 24th, 2015|Categories: 365 Project - 2015, Jonah, My Family, Taryn|

Overheard these two discussing why farts are invisible today.  Oh the joys of potty training! Ha!  Jase moved the potty chair out of our master bath for the day since I was at a birth all night and sleeping in our room.  Why it landed in the classroom instead of our other bathroom, I have no [...]


By |2012-08-23T09:13:00-05:00August 23rd, 2012|Categories: My Family, Uncategorized|

1.  My girl turned 7.  Crazy.  I'll blog about it soon since I finally took her out for her birthday photos. 2.After waiting and waiting and waiting some girl *finally* has her very first loose tooth!!  This discovery lit up her face like the 4th of July.  I can't blame her, she's stood back and [...]


By |2008-03-27T09:58:24-05:00March 27th, 2008|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: |

We weighed Teagan last night.  My guess was around 10 lbs but out little porker tipped the scale at 12 lbs 2 oz!!!  Oink Oink!  =)  I just love watching him grow and change. I have to post this one….I’m just in love with his feet.  This shot makes me want to kiss his sweet little […]

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