Teagan’s Nursery

HA!  Did ya’ll catch that title?!?!

I called our baby boy by NAME!  Yuhessss!  We are so excited, after 8.5 months of deliberating, to have decided on a name…..Teagan Jude Stradtner.

And yesterday we finished the nursery.  It’s a tiny little room but I just love the way it turned out.  I still have a few little projects I’m working on, but it’s 99% done.  We decided at the last minute to forgo the pretty chocolate colored upholstered rocking chair, we have two other rockers in the house and just couldn’t justify the expense.  If we find we miss having one in there we can always add it later.  I also still want to add a big brown circle rug to the middle of the room, in time.

So here it is….Teagan’s nursery….we re-used all of Little T’s old nursery furniture so we didn’t have to buy anything new furniture wise.  And thanks Mom for the gorgeous bedding!!



Please, please tell me I’m not the only one addicted to Baby Style

I’m so proud of these and they were so easy to do!  6×6 canvas’s that I bought from Save On Crafts, I then printed out letters in different sizes and fonts, traced them onto each painted canvas, filled them in with a different color paint and voile!  My intention was to hang them in a straight line, but as Jason was hanging them last night one tipped to the side, he started to tilt the rest, we both loved and just decided to let them stay that way!

close up of the name letters…

The frames will eventually have baby photos in them. 

I altered the little clock to have it match the room.  Big thanks to McGee who went shopping at Hobby Lobby for me, and even walked the aisles with me on the phone so I could craft shop vicariously through her!  Only a fellow crafter could truly comprehend the urgent need for Hobby Lobby, even on bed rest!

And look, the Lush Monkey made his way into the nursery…..I sure hope he can manage to behave himself in front of the baby!  😉


The frame in the top right corner is a sneak peek at Teagan’s birth announcement.  I have them all ready to go, I just need a baby and some photos!  The bear on the shelf is sentimental as well, it was sent to us as a gift after Hurricane Katrina and has been a favorite of the kids ever since.
I’ve done nursery storyboards for clients a hundred times but I’ve always wanted to do one of my own – yay! 


And thankfully, staying off my feet is working.  I made it to 34 weeks yesterday, which is a good benchmark for our little guy.  If I go into labor, they won’t medically intervene to stop it at this point.  Of course we want him to stay in for awhile longer (notice I didn’t say as long as possible!  ha!).  I will say that every time I get up to do something, the contractions start up.  I think all it would take is a long walk and a few speed bumps to kick labor into gear.  So here I sit, with my feet up, doing my job of baby grower extraodinare.  How’s that for a job title?  My next OB appointment is tomorrow to check for progress and see how our little man is doing…I’ll keep you posted!

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she makes me work for it

In an effort to try and locate the sweet spots of light in our new house I sat T down before lunch for a few shots.  She wasn’t that interested though…

"she’s talking to me, but I’m not gonna look at her or that black box of torture"
"it doesn’t matter if she dances…I’m not lookin"
"it doesn’t matter if she sings, this is reaaaaallllly boring"


"talking about barney won’t work today mom…I’m onto your tricks…I’m not lookin"
"hhhmmmm, did she say candy?!?"
"I really do love candy"
"Look here Mommy, it’s time to pay up!"

…and she’s done.  LOL!
Little stinker.  Anyone know of a cure for PCS (Photographer’s Child Syndrome)?  Ahhh, I can’t complain too much I suppose, I’ll have a captive model before long!

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the love

I actually dug out the camera today, it’s been packed up and ready to make the trip to the hospital with us.  Good thing I did too, the batteries were totally dead – yikes!  I wanted to snap a few of Ty and Taryn together, mostly for Valentines Day, but also because it could be the last time I photograph just the two of them before #3 arrives.   So we didn’t go far, total of 3 or 4 minutes on the back porch, since I’m supposed to be off my feet.  When we came back inside, Ty was helping Taryn get her snack and drink and I caught this really quick in the kitchen.  I just love the way they love each other…


I’m getting to that point.  Uncomfortable, crabby, just done.  Contractions come and go, but my OB says no additional progress from last week.  My restricted activity and orders to stay off me feet were extended for another two weeks.  I’m sure my mood isn’t helped by the fact that I don’t leave the house.   Little T is bouncing off the walls not leaving the house much, I so wish we could spend these last few weeks at the park, on little shopping trips, having lunch out and just doing our girl stuff.

Through all the discomfort, I try to remind myself to enjoy this little one on the inside, having him with me everywhere I go, keeping him safe.  Especially because we are pretty sure this will be our last child.  Don’t quote me on that though, ask me again when I have a snuggly, sweet smelling, precious newborn in my arms gazing up at me!

Nursery is almost done, should have pics up next week, I love how it’s
coming together.  Modern and not beige!  Sometimes Jason and I just go
stand in there to get away from all the other beige rooms in our house.

He’s still nameless though.  I’m so anxious to decide on a name…soon.  I hope. 

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Top 10 Personal Faves

I know this is a little late…but better late than never right?!  I’ve had the 5D for a full year now and going back through these photos it just amazes me how much the kids have grown and changed.  I thank God I have photography in my life to capture it…

This was difficult, but here they are, in no particular order…

Me & the cute husband.











Ok, so that’s technically 10.  I could have chosen any one of these, but I didn’t take them, Jase did.  Or even any of the ones of Kylie the dog and Taryn with her lollipop.  I just love those too.

And here is one to grow on….looking forward to a fabulous 2008 =)



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too cute

I should not be shopping online at 4 am….but pregnant insomnia is getting the best of me.

I have to share this site with you guys….I stumbled on it totally by accident but I am in love!

Seriously cute stuff.  Check it out!


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feeling brave


The belly.  I must look like I hurt.  Taryn does this to me every day.  She’s so sweet about it….she brings me "bo-baids" (bo-baids are for bobo’s, band-aids are for bands?). 

She unwraps it, lifts my shirt, gently pats it on and says "I make you feel better Mommy".  It started about 6 weeks ago maybe, I’d get one a day.  The bigger I get, the more bo-baids I need.

And yes, I touched up my stretch marks.  Why??  Because I CAN!  Now if only photoshop worked in real life!!

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