Sep 27, 2007
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Totally overwhelmed.

How 4 people, who had not much more than the clothes on their backs 2 years ago can have soooooo much stuff, is beyond me.  The house is slowly turning into a wonderland of boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap and wide open spaces perfect for playing ball and riding trikes. 

12 days and counting.

No new job yet for Jase.  Three interviews, but no news.  Living apart until things fall into place will be hard, so, so hard.

  • The worst part of moving is the packing! Just think of the reward at the end of it all 🙂

  • Oh Lyndsay, you’re in my thoughts. We just might be in the same boat if our house ends up selling in the next month or so– my husband will have to stay here until the end of the year–totally know how you feel! I’m crossing my fingers that Jason gets a fantastic job asap so that you don’t have to be apart.

    We’re heading to Austin on Saturday to check out the different neighborhoods. Any tips on where we should look?

  • Wait a second, I thought Jason had a job?!! Oh no!

  • Aw–I hope you don’t have to live apart. I’m sure something will come through for him soon. Good luck with the move!

  • I love this picture Lyndsay! I am thinking positive thoughts for Jason’s job hunt and everything with the house! Taryn is a doll 🙂