I’ve been meaning to take some photos of Kylie (or “kiwi” as Taryn calls her) and today was a good day to do it. Taryn wasn’t in the mood and not feeling well, so Kylie was my target (I took a total of 10 photos today – I wonna play with my new camera dang it!). She’s as bad as our other children about avoiding eye contact, she dislikes the camera. I look at this photo and think she looks old ๐Ÿ™ I don’t see it day to day though as she spins through the house like a tornado dog, wagging her tail with gusto….but she is getting old and it makes me sad.


Ok, weird crop, I know. But I had to crop out the cat. I don’t like our cat, she’s mean, so she got cropped, bwahahahaha.


And this is what Kylie wants to do all day. I am tired of the grey winter so I boosted the color a little bit, secretly wishing it was spring.


The last two were taken through our french doors, I knew if I opened them she would come running. I know someday I’ll be glad we have these, she’s getting old and we cherish our time with her. I just can’t imagine our family without her. Taryn and Ty love her to pieces. She and Taryn swap kisses and run, play chase around the house and Kylie love to rough house with Ty. She is, a loving, funny, playful, tail wagging, baby kissing, silly, perfect dog.