a mere 365 days makes….

This first birthday photo was in the works pretty much since the moment the first photo was snapped.  In fact, when I was ready (ok, really, my husband….) to get rid of the highchair, Kelsey took it off our hands and stored it just for today.  Now that’s dedication to a photo shoot!  HA!  I love it!  We celebrated a full circle this morning, their sweet baby girl turning one and all the nostalgia of remembering the first exhausting, beautiful year.  Her newborn session was one of the last sessions I photographed last June, just as Teagan’s vaccine reaction was rocking our world.  Right after, I took a bunch of time off to focus on my family and do everything we could to heal Teagan.  It was so wonderful to see them today, hug them, marvel how much sweet Lyla has changed in the last year and report that my son is doing so much better.  Yes, the last 365 days have been eventful.  I left this session with a full heart, knowing that I get to capture these moments that mean so much to my clients.  I don’t take that for granted for a single second, I’m so thrilled we are in a place again where I can work and do what I love so much.  I was reminded of that gift this morning.  Happy Birthday sweet Lyla, it was awesome to celebrate you today!