The other night Jase burned part of dinner.  The filling part.  The part I worked hard on.  We also had some fish, but not a lot, I bought it for when Ty was gone but Ty was back in town so it wasn’t going to go that far, and a small salad.  We all left the dinner table still hungry.  But there wasn’t a lot of food in the house, we have been super busy and hadn’t made it to the store lately and nothing sounded good to me.  So I just went to bed.  And the next morning I got up early to go to a session.  I didn’t have time to do my normal morning anti-morning sickness routine and was feeling pretty off from the get go.  Jase cut me up an apple with some nut butter and off I went to work.  I vowed to stop at Natural Grocers as soon as my session was done to buy food for our house.  By that point I was starving.  Only I got there and realized my debit card and money were at home.  I could literally feel the pull of my stomach.  Jase promised to run out for food when I got home, but I was there for an hour and he was still meandering the way he does and talking about going to the library with the kids, making another stop and then going to the store for food.  Wha?!  No, no, no……I’m not just hungry, I’m pregnant hungry.  There is a HUGE difference.  Pregnant hungry is immediate, pregnant hungry is hormonal, pregnant hungry is serious, feed the pregnant person now and no one gets hurt, kind of hungry.  There is a big difference.  You’ve not experienced the true immediate need of hunger until you’ve been pregnant hungry.  I may or may not have suggested he respect the immediate need of pregnant hunger as I grabbed my keys and stomped out the front door in tears.  I’m a mess, y’all.  For real.  An hour later, problem solved….

and then I was all….

Yeah, that.  The good news is, I’ve been much easier to deal with this go around.  When I was pregnant with Taryn I may or may not have actually thrown a taco at him.  Not my finest moment, but it is still a little funny (even to him).  At least by the 4th kid, when pregnant hungry crazy wife shows up, he has some idea that eventually, I will return to my own version of normal.  HA!