It officially feels like Christmas!  Today is Ty’s first day of holiday from school for a fabulous 15 days!!  I love it, having him home, fixing the kids breakfast together, watching them snuggle first thing in the morning and the best part, I get to sleep at least an extra 30-40 minutes a day.  I totally dig that.  An extra thirty minutes to a pregnant woman is like 2 hours to someone else!  LOL!  And no standing out in the driveway waiting on the school bus in the dark, freezing cold.  No homework battles, no folders to sign, no remembering to send in lunch money.  Hmmmm, the way I talk you’d think his time off school was about meeee!  ๐Ÿ˜‰

And since I feel bad posting without a pic, here is one of little T from last week.  I’m still learning the light in the new house, this was shot in our living room, right next to the big window.  I was sitting in a chair and she was leaning on my knees trying to convince me to do something, although it escapes me now exactly what that something was, but based on her expression, I’d guess I said no.



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