I got brave and decided to venture out and take my own kids to frolic in the bluebonnets and capture them.  The light was so pretty, all warm and glowing.  And they did awesome.  It reminded me that I need to take them out for photos together more often.  I’ve been seriously slacking in that department, relying on my iphone and Samsung 300nx (which I looooove btw).  Life is busy.  Jonah is uber busy lol.  They were awfully good to me this night.  The first photo, is just so them, their personalities embodied.  And the last one WILL be big in my house somewhere.  It was totally worth the venomous spider bite I got on my hand that night.  It’s been driving me crazy, it itches, and is so so gross.  Be thankful I didn’t share a pic of it…it’s bad.