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These two melted my momma heart in to a pile of mush more than once today.  Ty spent a good portion of the day soaking Jonah up as he’s heading out of town tomorrow until August.  He secured a leadership position at the christian camp he attending last year that focuses on leading young men and teenagers in to Christlike manhood.  I’m so excited for him and this opportunity.  We are all going to miss him like crazy.

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homeschool camping week | personal iphoneography

camping theme homeschool

This week was about one of our favorite things:  camping!  Actually, it was more like 2 weeks since we ventured out for some real life experiences in a cabin on the Frio River.  We always have a blast there and I took over 1,000 photos with my real camera (coming soon).  Instead of our usual sensory bin, we opted this week to do camping scenes that we made out of paper and other manipulatives.  I love that as the week went on they grew and changed and were moved all around.  Taryn and Jude also painted story stones.  You can see a video of Taryn telling part of her story using stones here.  I think Jonah’s favorite was the pretend campfire Taryn and I set up for him in the living room.  Complete with cotton ball marshmallows.  It was great practice for the real thing just a few days later.  I love that homeschooling gives us the flexibility to get out in to the world more.  To go, do, see, touch, travel and explore.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Matthew 6:24
Character Humility
Letter of the Week Mm
Number of the Week 13
Shape Star
Color Red
Theme / Science Camping!
Physical Education Hiking
Health / Food Almonds
Sensory Camping Sensory
Art Paint Walking Sticks
Music This Little Light
Story Time Curious George
Play / Game Pretend Fire Pit
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Camping Printables
Camping Print Pack
Camping Coloring Page
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Kids Campfire Book
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Travel Activity Book
Camp Board Game
Camping Play Set
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Paper Play Set
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preschool homeschool space week | personal iphoneography

preschool space week

Space week was a blast but sort of a repeat for us as we spent several months studying space last school year.  We added in some fun preschool stuff for Jonah to spice it up a bit.  He really loved the big planet space magnets, those were a hit!


Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Psalm 34:13
Character Gentleness
Letter of the Week Kk
Number of the Week 11
Shape Star
Color Black
Theme / Science Space / Planets
Physical Education Jumping
Health / Food Vitamin E / Blackberry
Sensory Space Sensory Box
Art Solar System Model
Music We are the planets
Story Time Roaring Rockets
Play / Game Space Photo Booth
Field Trip Planetarium
Additional Resources:
Solar System Song
What’s Out There
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Twinkle Twinkle
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13 Planets
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Magnetic Solar System
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preschool homeschool easter week | personal iphoneography

preschool easter weekWe had a wonderful week celebrating our Lord’s resurrection.  The kids really loved the cross paintings and the resurrection eggs (that I found on sale, score!).  We hosted an Easter egg hunt with friends that was allergy friendly and had a blast, so it was a busy week.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Hebrews 13:8
Character Faith
Letter of the Week Jj
Number of the Week 10
Shape Cross
Color White
Theme / Science Easter
Physical Education Follow the leader
Health / Food Coconut
Sensory Christ Centered Bin
Art Cross Craft
Music Jesus Loves Me
Story Time God gave us Easter
Play / Game Resurrection Eggs
Field Trip Easter Egg Hunt
Additional Resources:
Fork Flower Painting
The Easter Story
Celebrate Activity Book
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Resurrection coloring pages
Wet Chalk Egg Painting
Egg Carton Sorting
Bunny Box Bowling
Spring Paper Animal Craft
DIY Daffodils
Envelope Bunny
Bunny Cones
Bunny Bags
Toilet Paper Roll Bunny
Stained Glass Cross
Egg Pom Pom Painting
Egg Carton Cross
Easter Coloring Page
Easter Printables
He Is Risen Coloring Page
The Easter Story Printables
Easter Pom Pom Pack
Easter Learning Pack  

A letter to my son on his 18th birthday | Personal

I’m quite certain this post will embarrass him, but I’m going to take a few moments to love on him anyway.  There was a time 6 or so years ago that I started to feel more private about sharing his day to day stories.  Teenagers need that trust that everything they say and do won’t be put out for the public consumption.  So I opted to filter a bit and not share as much as I do about the little kids.  Part of me misses the documentation of his every day, but I know that our relationship is better because we have that trust between us.  Today though, I’m feeling a bit mushy and emotional, because my first baby turned 18.  There’s something profound about your baby coming of age.  This kid, I’m proud of him and I wrote a letter to my son on his 18th birthday to tell him so….

Dear Tyler,

Today is a big day, you turn 18.  This day, years ago when you were born, felt like a goal line way off in the distance.  Today, you are no longer a child, but a man.  That’s hard for me to wrap my mind around, given it seems like just a few days ago you were just a little boy, running up to me for a hug with your sweet little voice and boundless energy.  In many ways, we’ve grown up together.  I was 21 and scared when I had you, but I was also young enough that I didn’t really know or fully understand just what a huge impact becoming a mother would have on my life until the moment it happened.  In that moment you were born, I looked at you and you took my breath away.  How could I love someone so much that I’d just met?  After everyone else had gone home on the day you were born, I stayed up all night, marveling over you.  I counted your fingers and toes, kissed your cheeks and told you all about the people who love you and all the things I wanted to teach you.  I couldn’t believe that you were mine.

Parenting you has been the ride of a lifetime filled with unconditional love, laughter, joy, fear, frustration, and tears for both of us.  I’ve worried about so many things, if I was doing what was best for you, do you know everything we were supposed to instill in you?  Did I pray for you enough?  Hug you enough?  Say how proud I am of you enough?  Discipline and say no enough?  Do the right things to keep you safe?  Take you on enough adventures?  I know you can cook for yourself and do you your own laundry, but did I forget anything important….do you know who the Beatles and Elvis are?  Can you balance a checkbook, file taxes or change a tire? Will you know that laughter and forgiveness in a marriage are sometimes as important as love?  I worry about these things.  But the reality is, that when I look up at your 6’2” frame, I see a man I am so very proud of.  I see man of God.  A man who seeks God and loves God and wants to glorify God. Being a man of faith means being humble, having character, compassion, courage, loyalty.  I see all of those things in you.  Your values may not always be popular, but stand by them, there’s honor and respect for those who stand up for what they believe in.

Always speak your truth.  You have a wonderful heart.  It’s a good thing to be selfless, to listen, really listen, to others out there in the world.  Those who listen will find real beauty.  Seek patience, explain anger instead of acting on it.  Apologize when you are wrong.  Hug those you love often.  Keep your promises.  Work hard.  Love fully.  Men who love with all they have and put pride and fear aside find great joy in the kingdom of God.  I pray for you every day Tyler.  I’ve carried this cross (his gift was a cross on a chain with Proverbs 3:6 engraved on the back) with me for one year and asked the Lord to lead you to salvation (and He did!).  I’ve asked Him to help you grow in grace, love, honesty, integrity.  I’ve asked Him to bring you closer to His word, so that you will crave His word on the good days and the bad.  Seek justice and mercy in a sometimes cruel world.  I’ve prayed that you have respect for yourself and others.  That you would have courage, kindness and generosity.  I’ve prayed and asked for your life to be filled with great joy and perseverance.  That you would have compassion and empathy for others.  That you will be content with all that God blesses you with.  I’ve prayed that you would have a servant’s heart and a passion for God.

18 years ago, today felt like the goal, but now that we’ve reached it together, I know that motherhood doesn’t stop here.  I will continue to be an ear when you need one, a shoulder to lean on and a powerful source of prayer for you.  I am always praying for you, son.  I am so thankful to God for entrusting me with your life, your childhood, your heart.  Those worries of teaching you right from wrong and all the necessary skills for life are important, but my biggest job as your mom has been to direct you back to Him. My hope is that you will seek Him in all the days of your adult life.  Through beauty and pain, tears and joy, beginnings and endings.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.  ~Proverbs 3:6

I’m so proud of you Ty.




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