365: Parasailing

When we arrived in Orange Beach, Alabama Jonah was still in his 3rd cast in 7 months from breaking his arm twice. Then Covid-19 happened and quarantine delayed his cast removal. Once he got it off we quickly realized his feral little self needed some safe adrenaline. Keeping him in one piece is a challenge and we’ve learned safe adrenaline keeps him from hurling himself off of things lol. Once things started opening back up we gave him a choice of jet skis or parasailing. He LOVED it! No fear! 400 feet up in the air. That’s Jude up there with him….Taryn kept her feet firmly on the ground. Jonah said the best part was flying above the birds.


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365 Project: That Quarantine Life

Captain’s Log Quarantine Day #7638: We are all losing our minds up in here. Patience is gone. Snacks are gone. Someone bought my 3 year old a toy that makes noise. Kids haven’t left the house in I don’t even know how many weeks and I feel that every second of every day with every cell in my body. In an attempt to regain any sanity, I’ve planned to take them for a drive later. The best part will be strapping the 3 and 7 year old in. We wrote out a scavenger hunt of things to look for. They added “poop” and I DO NOT EVEN CARE. I will scavenger hunt for poop, just get me out of here.

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365 Project: Bird Rescue


My bird nerds rescued some babies. There are multiple nests in my moms yard and they noticed the parents of these chics stopped coming to the nest. We believe the mother was eaten by a hawk living one tree over and the dad stopped coming shortly thereafter. We waited and watched and they weren’t doing well at all when the kids intervened. Taryn and Jude have nursed then back to health in all the right ways (I wouldn’t even know what to do). They do in a way that’s best for the the birds, I’m so impressed by them. Jude feeds them every 20 minutes during the day. They went from limp and fragile to thriving in just a few days. Now they are chirping and flapping their wings even!

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RV Bedroom Remodel

Our bedroom in our Open Range 371MBH is looking so much better! Jason has been busy! While being quarantined isn’t easy, we are also trying to make the most of the time we have to sit still for awhile. We planned to be at my moms house (parked and plugged in in her driveway) for 2 weeks. It’ll likely be 2 months or longer. We are taking this time to do some long overdo projects on our RV and we are having some work done on our truck. We have lived in our RV for 2.5 years and we are so ready to personalize it so it feels more like home. That’s hard to do when you move every couple of days. Plus the projects are helping to fill the days. We can sleep at my moms when the paint fumes are bad too! We removed cabinets, stripped the valances, painted, put up wallpaper and took out the tv/stand. And yes, we have a stuffed animal on our bed, Zachary co-sleeps with us and “dog dog” is a member of the family. I love little boys and lovies! 🥰 A few before shots:

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365 Project: The remote life

To say that the last few weeks have been overwhelming would be an understatement. Jason starting a new job, us adjusting to me being on my own with the kids while he works, starting a new year of homeschool, getting back on the road, landing at my moms house, the corona virus, it’s just been a lot. But I’m consistently making an effort to see some positives: his job was already fully remote and secure for now. They put a freeze on hiring just 5 days after he started…whew! (((I have so many feelings for our friends struggling financially right now, we know. Please know we get it. ))) We love his schedule. So far we’ve been able to piece together meals that are safe for us at the local grocery store. I think it’ll get easier now that they closed the beaches – all the spring breakers will leave (it’s been packed here with people on vacation – ugh). We still have a few rolls of toilet paper. Being quarantined isn’t so bad since my mom has a 2,000 square foot wrap around porch for the kids to play on. Plus an artist workshop filled with enough supplies to last! My kids have paint on every article of clothing they own but they are so happy about that. We landed in just the right place to ride all this out, I’m so thankful we are here. Like everyone else, we are just taking it all day by day, one at a time.

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