Steamboat Geyser in Norris Basin

Steamboat Geyser in Norris Basin is the tallest geyser in the world. It’s hard to catch as it is extremely unpredictable. Years ago, before we started traveling, Jude learned about it and has always dreamed of seeing it erupt. We knew the odds were very slim as we only planned to be in Norris for a few hours one day during this trip. We missed it erupting by just a few hours today but the cool thing is that Steamboat continues to erupt for around 24 hours on a mini scale. We couldn’t even be sad to have missed the major eruption because we know how lucky we are to have seen a small part of it. Can you believe these photos are of the aftermath only? It ran the whole time we were in the area! The coolest part is that a park ranger told us the major eruption hit 430 feet! It’s usually 300 feet and it hit a record! 430 feet is just incredible. That’s around 4x the height of Old Faithful! The rainbows appearing in and around it from different viewpoints during our hike were so beautiful.

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Neowise Comet

Adventure! After putting Zachary and Jonah to bed I decided to take Taryn and Jude out to see the Neowise comet. Our campground sits down in a valley so we tried to drive up the road about 5 minutes. We still couldn’t see it so we drove a bit further and a bit bit further still. Soon it was pitch black with nowhere to turn a big dually around. My ptsd makes it hard for me to drive in the dark and it’s something I almost never do. I was in way over my head and near tears when we finally found a rest area to turn around. As we pulled in the low gas light popped on 😆 we turned around and made it home 30 minutes later. I stopped at the top of the campground to see if we could spot the comet and sure enough, there it was. Oy! All that for nothing! Jude helped set up the tripod while Taryn complained, played with the flashlight, messed with the truck lights, ran from a mosquito, tooted and wished it wasn’t so quiet because that made it too loud. Y’all. She’s a mess after 10 pm. 😂🤣 I took 5 photos hoping one was in focus and we came home. Very cool to see!

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Baby & Momma Moose on Moose Wilson Road

Dusk in the Tetons is my fave. We decided to head back to Idaho via Moose Wilson Road because I read you’re very likely to see a moose! We’ve waited almost 3 years and we have all been anxious to see one. Swipe to see the momma and baby just a few minutes in to our drive. Can you spot the baby behind momma? Thank goodness for shooting in raw as it was almost completely dark at this point. We also saw one super close up, eating leaves in the water at the edge of the road as we drove by! Totally worth the trip.

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Bears in Grand Teton National Park

You guys! Tonight was amazing!! We drove 2 hours from Idaho to Colter Bay inside Grand Teton National Park in hopes of seeing Bear #399 and her 4 cubs. I got some location ideas from other photographers in the area. Not having much luck, we had dinner, played by the water, then as we were leaving a little girl waved us down to tell us bears were close by! Sure enough, momma and 3 cubs!! We were all SO excited! It was so amazing to view them from a safe distance. I am not 100% sure this is #399 as she only had 3 cubs with her. It’s not uncommon for a cub to become separated and I really hope the cub is ok if this is 399. They were so curious and bumbled all over chasing momma bear. Swipe to see them all together! such an incredible day! 🙌🏻 UPDATE: this is not bear 399 – it’s a black bear nicknamed Grumpy that frequents the same area.

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North Yellowstone

We have officially fallen in love with north Yellowstone. Goodness, this spot feels unreal and we can’t believe we get to live here for the next week!! We stayed in West Yellowstone in 2018 and loved it for accessibility to what we wanted to see on that first visit. This trip we decided to choose between Cody and Gardiner. Gardiner is so charming and we can see Roosevelt Arch from our campground. Excited to hit Norris Basin tomorrow and explore all week long.

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Hot Springs National Park

Yesterday we loaded up and took a bunch of empty jugs to Hot Springs National Park in hopes of getting some water. This NP was our first stop out of Texas when we launched two plus years ago. During our first visit we learned that there are huge fountains available to the public to get free (healing) water. Because national parks are still closed we didn’t know if the fountains would be blocked off. They were not and oh my goodness was it busy. Not the park or spring, but the fountains. There were people filling up entire truckloads and hundreds of containers at a time. Way busier than our first trip through when the park was open and crowded. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that. This spring water has so many healing properties, boosts the immune system and aids in respiration. We parked, filled up our containers and walked to the spring where no one was around. I forgot my camera so these are all iPhone pics. The kids loved returning here and reminiscing over how much has changed and all the experiences they’ve had on the road since our first stop. ❤️

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