365: It’s been a great week Willie Nelson.

We were able to gift my mom a week long cabin stay through our Thousand Trails membership.  We were able to park our RV right behind her cabin, it’s been a great week spending so much time with her.  Tons of games played, long walks and help with the kids (so rare for us)!  We all laughed when she landed in a cabin named Willie Nelson.  She didn’t know that we named our truck Willie and our RV Nelson when we bought both 2 years ago!

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stradtner family camping trip | personal

Catching up on a bit of 2016 blogging so please bare with me.  This was actually 2 camping trips ago.  We had a great time, but it was a tough trip for me.  I had a serious foot injury, which meant limited mobility, no hiking, no exploring, no going down to the water to play with the kids (and no water photos this time around with the exception of the ones we took at Garner State Park).  But the trip was still so worth it through the pain.  Camping is our big reset button as a family.  No electronics, reconnecting, outside in nature.  Maggie and her obsession with thinking she’s a people and sitting in people chairs still makes me laugh.  The fireflies.  Oh the glorious fireflies.  They were so magical.  I’ve never seen so many in my life.  Jude called them “God’s glitter” and I can’t think of a better description.  It was very strange to not have Ty with us on this trip.  Camping is his thing and we missed him so much.  We’ve been hitting the Frio and these cabins for the last couple of years but our next trip was to Oklahoma.  I’ll be back to blog that soon as well….camping_1camping_2camping_3




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Stradtner Halloween 2015 | Personal




On halloween we stopped by the fire station and they gave us an amazing tour and let the boys sit the in truck.  Jonah was THRILLED.  At the end they got a call and we got to see them off as they sped off with light and sirens.  And can we talk for a minute about how amazing my husband is as Buddy the Elf?  Because it’s March and I’m still laughing!!  Hysterical!  I’m not missing, my costume was pregnancy related, we were set to announce the baby and gender on halloween.  With the miscarriage, I sat out from dressing up.  It was a hard day for sure.  One that was supposed to be filled with sharing joy and excitement.  But we got through it, together.

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