another chapter

in my book of taryn’s funny sleep.  i swear some day i’m going to print a book of these.  i just need to wait until she stops giving me usable material.  like here, here, here and here.  and now here:

found her like this after Ty’s football game tonight.  she finished eating, grabbed her jammies and put them in the bathroom, curled up and she was out.  too tired to continue with our normal evening rituals.  duder wasn’t actually asleep, just snuggling his blankie.  as usual.

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T vs. Kinder = Knock Out

Kindergarten is tough people.

Not for the weak.

I was trucking along down the aisle when I noticed a few people giving me strange looks.  I stopped and looked in the basket.  Her feet were up and out on either side of the basket, head propped on my purse, sound asleep.  I tucked her feet in and moved on….

Totally out of focus iphone pic taken in the middle of Target today.  Just had to document yet another one of her funny sleep moments (and here and here).  I’m making a book out of them, I decided.

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sleeping beauty

i found her like this in the middle of the day awhile back.  i’d forgotten i’d even taken these, i’m so glad i did.  it was like a quick glimpse into my heart of the baby and toddler she once was, instead of the tall, funny, sassy little girl I now see with my eyes.  my girl loves some crazy sleep.  gosh i love that about her.

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she’s at it again

last night, well after midnight, jase was painting the kids playroom and i was working when we heard taryn’s bedroom door open.  sometimes she gets up to go to the bathroom, so we waited and listened.  sure enough, a flush followed and then we heard her bedroom door again.  we chatted about what a good girl she is and then went back to our projects.  around 2 i’m sleeping on the couch with my head on my laptop when jase wakes me up and tells me taryn fell asleep in the hallway.  i asked him if he’d moved her yet….”my wife is a photographer, are you kidding me?!”  LOL

is my kid the only one who does this?  ty never ever ever fell asleep in a weird place.  ever.  but he wasn’t a sleeper either.  T has a long, long, long history of falling asleep in crazy places….

((just so you don’t think I’m a bad mom who doesn’t buckle her kid in….the first shot, we were waiting on my mom who was in the store, i nursed taryn and then put her in her seat….she fell asleep playing with her shoelace))

you’d think the poor child doesn’t have a bed or something.  funny kid.

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