eeeeeveryone’s a photographer….

Oh Bob.  Bob, Bob, Bob.  Your camera is fresh out of the box….a newborn?  Already?  Really?  A website?  So soon?  What do you charge Bob?  And that logo, that looks a little familiar Bob.  And hey, where did you get all the wording on your website???

Sigh…..I swear you can’t throw a rock in Austin without hitting a photographer.


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10 on Tuesday and 2 mini session openings!

1.  I am thinking about opening up 2 last minute mini session spots for this coming weekend with guaranteed Christmas delivery.  Any interest?  Email me at [email protected] for details!

2.  My kids are so addicted to these right now.  Especially Teagan.  Obsessed.

3.  This morning I stopped at my desk to pick something up and noticed there was still solid ice in my favorite cup that had been sitting from the night before.  First, I thought to myself, wow, this cup really IS awesome.  Second, I thought to myself, I wonder what time I actually went to bed….  Third, I thought to myself, I wonder if Ty did this to be sweet, he IS always bring me water refills.  Turns out the third one is the charm.  Love that kid.

4.  Duder’s new favorite activity is swiping the water bottle we use to tame Taryn’s hair each morning and tormenting people with it.  It drives me nuts and I’m constantly getting squirts to the leg, back, face, whatever is within his range.  Getting it away from him is always a battle that involves running and wrangling a toddler who insists on screaming “NO IT MIIIIIIIIIINE”.  I started putting it out of his reach but he’d just grab the step stool in the kitchen and move it to where he needed it to be to get it.  It was driving me (and the dog) nuts.  This week, I finally gave in, I handed it to him and we headed outside so he could squirt whatever he wanted till his little heart was content.  He was thrilled.

$0.99 water bottle = hours of entertainment.  Unfortunately, I too, fell into the category of “whatever he wanted”.  Stinker.  (Update on duder here)

5.  Taryn has her first crush.  And he is not in kindergarten.  MUCH to her daddy’s dismay.  Dismay isn’t a strong enough word for what he’s going through.  Anxiety ridden ought to begin to cover it.

6.  Add her first crush to the fact that she asked for a “green ipod” for Christmas and my husband is not in a very good place right now.  His little girl is growing up quick and he’s soooooo not ready.

7.  I absolutely LOVE this.  And this blog is also one of my new favorite places to check out.

8.  Bob has been very busy trying to keep up with all the goings on around here and all 3 kids.  First though, he had a little bit of ‘splaining to do about that whole ‘borrowed rocket thing’….

9.  Then the next night, just before bed, Jase and I got a good giggle at the expense of my friend Jodie and her elf.  We laughed it up, then went to bed.  Ironically enough, forgetting to move our elf because we were too busy laughing at Jod for not moving hers.  Karma right?!  So, Bob hung out on the TV for 2 days.  The kids were concerned, but not being nearly as creative as Jod, we just blew it off and said Bob likes to watch TV a lot.

10.  The next morning they found Bob had gotten into the cereal.  Thankfully, he was picking up after himself with the dustbuster.  We’ve been working with the little kids and picking up their own messes so it was super nice of Bob to be such a great example 😉

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well, well, well….look who’s back….

Bob flew in and landed with a bang last night.  The kids were more than thrilled to spot him this morning, which then forced me out of bed way to early.  Thanks a lot Bob!  And you know, given Bob’s history, something tells me that rocket was (not so legally) borrowed….Buzz is gonna be tiiiiicked off!

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bob has been a bad, bad boy | austin elf photographer

Bob.  Oh Bob (as Teagan would say).  Where do I begin?!  Bob was lonely and invited Twink over with his peeps last weekend.  They were reunited and I think you can see, very, very happy to hang out for awhile….


Doesn’t Twink look tan?!  Do you think he got highlights while he was in Cali?

Bob and Twink together!!!  It made our hearts sing….the children were hilarious!  You should have seen how excited Michele’s boys were to find their elf at our house mid-party!  The kids all started telling elf stories and comparing notes, HA!  If they only knew!!!

Fortunately (unfortunately?!), Bob’s visit with Twink was just what he needed.  Bob is now feeling better and seems to have his, uhm, ‘spirit’, back….


NO BOB!  Don’t do it!!!…..and Elmo, how could you?  I’m so ashamed, we expect more out of you……



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Dear Twink, | Austin Elf Photographer

We had a hunch Bob was lonely, he’s been quiet, and just pretty out of sorts for our normally spirited little elf friend.  This morning confirms it.  We found Bob on my desk.  He misses his old buddy Twink and he reached out to him.


You know Bob, I’m totally cool with you borrowing my new computer, but we have a new rule in this house, NO STARBUCKS while surfing the web dude!

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