I’m loving having so many photos of Ty to post, that never happens. I got so many of him on our day out last weekend. Usually it’s a headache to get him in front of the camera, so I’m loving this! I am still working on proofing all of the photos he took, he’s really anxious for me to finish. We bought him a “portfolio” this week for him to keep all his pictures in (LOL, it’s a photo album) 🙂 Stay tuned, they’re coming!

Sportin’ a new do? Nope, this was just at the beginning of the day, by the time we hit the next stop, his hair had fallen. It’s funny to see him with spikey hair though. LOVE the 5D and 50 mm 1.2, so easy to post process, no noiseware, love that!!


And we’re getting ready for the big game tomorrow. We’ve got our Saints gear out and ready to wear, hats, shirts, jerseys galore! I had to make Taryn a shirt because I couldn’t find one in her size. We’re having a party and will snack it up, I’m not spending the day in the kitchen cooking, no way! I’m going to be right in front of the TV. GOOOOOO SAINTS!!!!