love love love this one of my boys.  They make me happy.  =)


Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I had an awesome day on Saturday, all to myself, hair, nails, pedicure, facial, it was fabulous.  I got a ton of hair cut off, it’s not shoulder length.  I’m still getting used to it.  I’m of the firm belief that my hair is boring no matter how it’s cut, but we’ll see how I like it in a few days.

Sunday we decided to go shopping.  We are about to transition Taryn into a toddler bed and out of her crib.  I’m disguising my sadness for giving up yet another baby phase with excitement to give her a more big girl room.  So we ordered her bed and a new nightstand online and went shopping for some bedding.  We ended up buying her some new bedding, a new lamp, a pillow and get this, Tyler got an ENTIRE new room!!!  He needed it though, bad.  His bedroom furniture was some really cheap stuff we bought after the storm to just get by for awhile.  A year later it’s falling apart.  Sooooo, a whole new room for Ty, a new bed, dresser, huge storage wall system that I adore, new bedding, lamp, shelves, bulletin board, everything.  He’s soooooo excited!  Ok, I might be a little bit more excited than he is….I can’t wait to get it all together.  If anyone in this house deserved a new bedroom, it’s him, totally worth parting with a good portion of our tax return.  I’ll post pics as soon as we get it all set up!