One of the highlights of visiting Atlanta was visiting the MLK Jr. National Historic Site and birth place. My kids loved it and we all learned a lot. As a parent, it’s hard to have the conversations about how humans can treat one another so horribly, but it’s vitally important. Jude, my empath, soaked it all up and took every ounce of pain and injustice straight to his heart. “Momma, that wasn’t that long ago…”. “But why, I don’t understand why people hate.” This hands on learning experience and the conversations it brought about solidified why we are doing this trip, this way of life. It immersed them, they were instantly invested more than if they just read it in a book. They walked away with race issues on their hearts and the conversations continue. We visited the church MLK grew up in and eventually served. They play his sermons over the loud speaker and we could have sat and listened all day. We couldn’t help but wonder what he’d have to say today.