Those are the first two words that popped into my mind when I woke up this morning.  Mission Accomplished.

We’ve spent the last 4 days in Austin and we bought a house! Thrilled, totally thrilled!

On the last night of our last day there after seeing wayyyyy too many houses. So
relieved! Jason and I couldn’t agree on any house until we saw this one.
both fell in love with it immediately.  Four bedrooms and perfect for us in every way.  It met every wish on our list…


I think my favorite
part is that it backs to a greenbelt that can’t be built on so it has a
great view with no back neighbors.


We decided to go a bit further out
than we planned but are actually pretty happy about that, we’re getting
more house for the money. We bought for the school district and
neighborhood – I can’t wait for Ty to be able to ride his bike all over
the neighborhood plus there is a park
and neighborhood pool right around the corner and down the street from the
house!  We can walk there every day!!


very cool pool with fountains and water buckets….the kids will be in heaven


And a few interior pics, it’s so open and new….the foyer…


standing at the end of the foyer, formal dining room to the  right, looking in to the living room…


view from the living room into the kitchen…the breakfast area is to the right, down the hall is the master.  On the left are the kids rooms down the hall…


I’m in LOVE with the kitchen, it makes me want to cook!


Gotta love the garden tub and I think our new closet is as big as our present bedroom!  Total score!


So after an exhausting, whirlwind weekend, I’m just plain exhausted from all the in and out
of the car in the heat.  Thankfully Jason’s parents were there Saturday and Sunday to help with the kids so they
only went with us the last day and a few times here and there.  Taryn took them right away even though she hadn’t seen them in awhile, "c’mon Grandpa!", and off they would go.  When it was time for them to head home she actually stood in front of the door and said "I don’t want you go".  Sweet baby.  Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for driving in to help us all weekend!!

Ty is really excited and relieved to see where we will be.  So are we.  Change is good but soooo unnerving!  Guess it’s time to pack =)