I haven’t been picking up my good camera very much at home lately.  Instagram and the ease of it has taken over in our busy lives.  I miss my 365 project and all the beautiful moments my big camera hasn’t captured.  Time if flying and I’ll only regret the moments I don’t capture.  I’ve tried to do better the last few days.  I think I need a photo project to motivate me.  One photo per hour at the top of the hour maybe?  To capture our typical busy, crazy, chaotic days?  I think that’s what I need.  Even if I just shoot now and edit later when I have more time (think empty nest at this point lol)  at least I’ll have them.

This photo of T is pretty representative of where we are right now.  We are working through the summer with homeschool and doubling up every other week to cram 2 weeks of school in to 1 week.  My current goal is to give us 3 months off this fall.  We are currently sitting at 2 months.  4 more weeks of doubling up….I think we can.  The footstool is sitting in this spot because Jonah is hell bent on climbing IN the darn thing.  4 kids and he’s the only one who tries to climb in every single time I set him down.  Jason is almost done building us a setup similar to this.  Can’t wait!!