The kids and I went over to McGee’s house for a play date and lunch with the fabulous Miss Meredith this morning.  Ok, ok, so it was for the kids aaaand the mom’s – we got to subject them to our cameras πŸ™‚  Mostly Meredith, who was the perfect size to fit into my snowman costume.  Have you ever seen such cuteness?


She loved it, hat and all.  And I can’t tell you how many times she fell over trying to walk in it, she was comical!  But it’s nice and fluffy so she pretty much just bounced off her belly πŸ˜‰  I could totally relate, both to the trouble walking and the big belly!!

While we were there I had one of those mommy moments none of us like to have.  We were all standing out front and Taryn ran out into the street chasing a cat.  She loves animals and it happened so fast.  Thank God there were no cars coming and she only got a few feet out before I saw what was happening and stopped her, but it still scares me to death.  She kept trying to go back out there after that too, so I don’t think it’s sunk in that it’s dangerous.  I think my heart has sunk 15 times today thinking about it again.  Of course when you’re alone and it’s quiet with time to think it through (ok, obsess about it), it scares you more then than it did in the actual moment. 

It was great to have Ty home on holiday today too.  He was great with both girls this morning and a big help.  I love just hanging out with him at home and chatting.  I managed to get a few shots of him, had to offer him $5 but none of the shots came out due to goofy faces, not sure I should pay up for that!  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow…