I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys this!  After a lot of thought I’ve decided to take on being a mentor.  To be perfectly honest, I’ve received a lot of requests over the last few years for this kind of thing, and it always makes me giggle a little on the inside.  I’ve just never been sure I had much to offer, I mean, there are experts for this sort of thing, and I am certainly no expert.  Tons of people know way more about photography than I do.  But I’m more than willing to share what I do know and what I’ve found works for me.  I also haven’t had a lot of time to devote to this sort of thing because most of the time it’s done online and my online time is limited.  But, the two fabulous girls I’m mentoring are local, which means in-person get togethers for hands on learning, and we all have kids.  I usually try to get the kids out of the house for a few play dates a week anyway, so what could be more fun than getting together, letting the kids play and talking photography?  I’m so excited about this opportunity and that I’ve found a way to do it that also works for my family.  Watching them grow and learn is gonna be pretty darn cool too =) 

We had our first mentoring session today and it was fun.  We’ve started by having each of the girls host a day, I go in and am able to access their lighting conditions and where they normally photograph their children, the challenges they face and make some suggestions.  Its fun to share ideas and then get to see what they come up with.  We covered a lot today, can you guys tell I’m excited about this?

One image from today, how cute is Jack??  We were talking about shooting from different angles, specifically, getting down low.  MC looked at me and said "so you basically want my face on the floor?"  HeHe…yup…I’m a big believer in ‘Face on the Floor Photography’  πŸ˜‰  I’ll forever call it that now!