Jan 09, 2008
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Or as Little T calls her, "Soapie".  Makes me giggle every time she frantically runs through the house yelling "WHERE SOAPIE?!?!"  =)  While Soapie wasn’t the immediate hit on Christmas, they are now best buds, attached at the hip, everywhere we go.  Soapie gets snacks, goes to the store and even takes naps with us.  T hasn’t asked to take her into the bathtub yet, but hey, I’m not suggesting it!!

  • GeeGee

    I’m so glad Taryn loves “Soapie”…everybody needs a special friend to go EVERYWHERE with them. I sure do miss little T. I loved having her climb into bed with me every morning! I’ll be back soon… when that little un-named guy gets here!!

  • Kimberly

    My little girl’s name is “Sophie” and there are a TON of kids that call her “soapie”…I think it’s too cute!