Maggie, Maggie Mae, Mags, The Beast.  Hasn’t she grown?! Almost 6 months old, huge and figuring out the ways of the world and our little family.  She’s smart, sometimes too smart.  Even though she’s been doing it for weeks, every single time I see or hear her open a door with her paw it freaks me out.  The first time my heart was racing because I heard the house alarm beep and I thought someone was breaking in to the house!!  She’s finally starting to calm down just a bit.  She still chews, and steals things, but that’s normal for labs.  She knows which toys are hers and loves to rummage through her toy bucket.  Her absolute favorite place to lay is stretched out on the tile.  The way she sleeps on her back with all four paws stretched out in her kennel cracks us up.  She loves to play fetch, much more so than Kylie who has never figured out she has to actually give the ball back to continue to play.  She’s been very easy to train, she listens well, but she’s still a puppy and figuring things out.  I’m so glad that she has Kylie to learn how to be totally awesome.  Yeah, she’s great, so great, with the kids.  She loves the camera and isn’t all that shy with it.  My favorite thing about her, other than how sweet she is, is that when she sees me, she wags her tail so hard with her entire body that her tail comes around and smacks her in the face.  Funny, lovable puppy.