These very patient couples have been waiting a full week for their sneak peeks, so unlike me.  After a week of kiddos out of school for three days (teacher development), working on the Champions to Cure Duchenne fundraiser photos, editing sessions and valentine parties and moody teenagers and researching non-toxic flooring options for our house, Teagan’s birthday, planning his party and just the every day stuff that fills my days, I am finally, finally, getting these up.  Thanks for your patience guys!  I love these love light night sessions, love them.  There is something so real, so intimate, so romantic about being downtown after dark, all dressed up and snuggling with your love at each new corner.  It’s a blast to capture, challenging, technical and exhilarating.

First up, K & S.  They entered the contest for a free mini and then got hooked on the idea.  I’m so happy they did.  Their entry was a total crack up, it had Jason and I laughing so hard, really funny stuff.  They were so fun to work with and I can’t wait to come share more of their session….

My second love light session that night was for a couple I’ve worked with many times over the last year plus.  I’ve been privileged enough to capture the birth of their second daughter and just about every milestone since for both Jane and Joan.  I was thrilled when Jennifer booked this session just for the two of them.  To capture them in a different capacity of being a couple, not as parents, but a couple in love, was really special.  We laughed and explored and giggled and it was so fun to share in their night out on the town, all dressed up! Hanging out downtown just outside of the new Austin City Limits building

I hope everyone likes their sneak peeks, more coming very soon!

I want to do more love light sessions!!  Anyone??