I’m sorry I am so late in announcing our giveaway winners.  I attended the funeral services for Alex Laynor yesterday in Dallas and between the drive there and back and an emotional day I just didn’t have it in me last night when I got home.  Danielle had asked me to photograph just a few key moments of the service and I was happy to do that for her.  It aches my heart to know the pain they are all going through.  While my ex-husband and I were divorced at the time of his passing away, burying him was one of the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.  And I wasn’t too much older than Lexi when my dad passed away.  I can somewhat relate to how they are feeling and it just breaks my heart.  I know their pain is so real and raw and deep.  I pray for them daily.  Alex was such a good man, so lively, with such a big heart and he let everyone in to see it.  I think we all have something to learn from that.  It was a beautiful, personal and heartwarming service that was filled with life, love, tears and some smiles.  It was good to be there to celebrate Alex, hear so many wonderful stories of the lives he touched and to give Danielle and his family a big hug.  My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with them.

Now I am home and realizing more than ever how important and vital it is to capture those we love and cherish and that these moments ARE fleeting.  I had a VERY hard time going through all the entries for the Giveaway.  So many made me crack up laughing, some made me cry and all that entered were deserving.  With Jason’s help I got it narrowed down to just a few and I’ve been sitting here going back and forth for over an hour.  UGH!  This is hard.  So, since I can’t pick I decided to let Random.org do it for me!  I know, I’m weak.  I can admit it.  I threw in all the names……

The winners are:  DAWN & ROSS!

Congratulations you two, I can’t wait to capture your love!

And because I absolutely loved all the entries, everyone who entered is getting a gift certificate for $50 off a love light night session fee in 2011!  Be sure to check your inbox for details!!