just one this morning of sweet baby jack.  he got all dressed up for the tea party last night too.

Can you believe he’s 6 weeks old already?!  His little comb over hair totally cracks me up.  And this reminds me that I never came back and shared more of his newborn photos before we left for vacation!  I will do that this week!!  I have a ton to share!

The kids really had so much fun last night, between the tea party, exploring the beautiful park, chattering on about castles and princesses, spotting peacocks and running from pond to pond looking for fish and turtles, they were on cloud 9.  It was a great way to spend the evening and what may very well be one of my last full weekends off until January (crazy!).  Well, except for when Taryn has surgery.

Ty and I are off this afternoon to brave the crowds during texas tax free weekend to pick up just a few more things for school.  Starts tomorrow.  Along with it, a new schedule.  I’m ready.