I’ve been hiding out, working like a crazy person to get caught up and try to mark off about a million things on my todo list for this month.  I’m working on a lot of back end stuff for our business and it means I’m struggling with work/family balance (again).   The 3 am bedtimes over the last week have gotten to me.  Poking my head out to do a quick 10 on Tuesday…..

1.  I was going through some client files last night proofing and came across a bunch of personal photos that were on the same card I’d totally forgot where there.  Sometimes, if I am early to a session or have a few extra minutes, I’ll stop along the way and find something beautiful to photograph.  Like this:



2.  Even if you don’t follow the life in motion fan page on facebook, you should click over and check out this post.  Lots of wonderfully, happy, music to brighten your day.  Big thanks to all those that shared.  Teagan’s hands down new favorite is “Say Hey”….that boy shakes his booty every.single.time.  Love it.

3.  My dear friend Alli bought me this book for Christmas.  She wrote a wonderful message on the inside cover and I cherish it.  I can’t make it past the cover without weeping (in a good way).

4.  This is me as drawn by the fabulous Taryn.  She makes me feel pretty.


5.  Captured with my iphone….my morning….


6.  Captured with my iphone….  my afternoon…

afternoonweb7.  In case you can’t tell, I’m kind of addicted to my new iphone app.

8.  My favorite words, I love you.  I leaned over and kissed teagan on the head today and said I love you.  He said it back.  Clear as day, with a big smile.  I melted, got excited, gave him a huge hug.  And then grabbed my phone to record it.

i love you

9.  This was on my Christmas list and I’m sooo excited that I got it from my mom.  Grocery shopping for 5 people and the 20 trips in and out of the house (usually while on my own with 2 toddlers) just got a whole lot easier!

10.  The other day I was listening to a conversation between Taryn and Lily on the phone.  I heard Taryn say “Lily!!!  Did you know I could whistle?!?!  ssssswwwwwwwttttttttttttttttttt  Did you hear that!?!?  And I’m not even FIVE yet!!!!”

Happy Tuesday!