hhlogosmallMany of you know that my family was devastated by Hurricane Katrina just a few weeks after Taryn was born.  If you’ve been around awhile, you know that I started blogging not long after our recovery efforts began.  Thinking about those days still brings my heart to a dark place, and to be honest, I don’t let my mind wander there often.  But when I see Haiti, on the news, the images, the fear, the heartache and death, a little piece of me relives it again.  My heart aches.  And remembers.  That instant feeling of homelessness.  That instant that everything, as you know it, changes.  That fear of looking at our children and not knowing what to do or how we were going to do it.  Knowing they were counting on us to get it right at rock bottom.  We are here today and alive and thankful.  We received help and an outpouring of love and support from family, friends and perfect strangers.  Rebuilding was long and extremely difficult, much more so than I’ve ever shared.  I don’t think it is something you can describe, or maybe just I can’t anyway, and properly articulate it and do it justice.  And then there are the blessings.  This gift of photography that Katrina brought to me.  Now is the perfect time to use that gift to give back.

I’m teaming up with my dear friend, Michele Anderson of Pinkletoes Photography, and together, we’re going to try to do something to help. But, we need you, too! Here’s the deal:

You and your sweetheart could win a romantic photo session at dusk in the heart of downtown Austin!

  • This session will be photographed by myself AND Michele and will be held the evening of Friday, February 5th.
  • Session is for up to 2 adults and will last between 1-2 hours.
  • Winner will also receive 25 fully processed, high resolution images on CD. Print to your heart’s content!
  • Remember what we did here and here ? Yup…just like that!

How to win:

  • Make a MINIMUM donation of $10 to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.
  • Forward a copy of your receipt to lstradtner@mac.com.
  • All entries must be RECEIVED by midnight (Central time) on January 27th.
  • Winner will be drawn at random and announced on January 28th.
  • That gives you a week to shop and find a babysitter, if need be. 😉
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like, but each entry must be the minimum $10 donation.

Other details:

  • Session participants must sign a model release.
  • Session must be held in Austin on Feb. 5th.
  • If the winner does not claim his/her prize by Feb. 1st or cannot claim the prize, then another winner will be drawn.
  • This program is not sponsored or promoted by the American Red Cross and we are not receiving anything in return for this effort.

But wait! There’s more!

If you are a photographer and would like to hold your own Helping Hearts event to help Haiti, please contact us ASAP so we can send you everything you need to get started!