Ty and I took off Sunday afternoon to explore. I promised him I would take him out for his first photography lesson. We covered a lot of ground (over 200 miles too!!) in just one afternoon. He got to use the Nikon for the first time and he’s hooked. I practiced with the 5D. I have known for several years that Ty has an amazing eye. I decided having the Nikon as a backup with the new camera, it’s a great time, and age to teach him. In his first lesson we covered the camera basics, focus and aperature. He was so enthusiastic and ready to learn!! We had a total blast!!

I am so impressed with his results, he didn’t shoot in auto at all, AV mode all day. Stay tuned, I promised to do a full showcase of his work once I’m done proofing them!!

This image warms my heart, one of my favorite people doing what I love so much…