Today was a crazy day. Taryn is 2. And she’s good at it. Within a matter of a few hours she, dumped out her cereal and fruit all over the table (then spit in it….niiiiice), got into my makeup bag in the bathroom and had a good ole time with my lip gloss, decided to play with the soap and bubble bath, escaped out the back door in the cold wet weather to go play (she only got 1/2 down the stairs before I caught her though), tortured the dog a hand full of times until Kylie was begging to go outside and whined and fussed every chance she had. All this, before lunch. Which was pretty interesting in and of itself since she decided to take a handful of her mashed potatoes and smear it allllll over the window next to her table.

It was then that I realized I hadn’t felt the baby move in awhile. I grabbed something to eat, had some juice and then concentrated on doing some kick counts. 11:30 to 12:30….nothing. Not a flutter, not a thump, not even a change in pressure from one side to the other. I started to panic and called Jase. I gave it a few more minutes and called my OB. They had me come in. Taryn decided to cry and whine the entire way there, which is about a 45 minute drive….likely from the lack of food in her belly since it was on the windows at home and the fact that it was supposed to be nap time….stressful to say the least. I thought for sure that once we got dressed and out the house the baby would start cutting flips, Murphey’s law right? He didn’t and by the time we got to the doctor’s office it had been hours since I’d felt anything at all. That combined with his high heart rate yesterday absolutely scared us. The nurse really had to push on my belly to get him moving and me on the monitors. Jason and I both let out a collective sigh of relief as we heard his little heart beating loud. I think we were both holding our breath waiting for it. He started jumping around a little bit but was still pretty quiet in the last few minutes of the NST so they sent me for another ultrasound as a precaution. They don’t allow children under 6 in the ultrasound room, which is probably a good policy after watching Taryn terrorized the waiting room. Picture her jumping on the couch, being loud and disruptive in general, then she spit on a magazine….ugh….what’s with the spitting?! I spotted one expecting couple laughing at this scene but I’m sure other parents-to-be near us were either scared to death of what is coming their way or thinking to themselves “my child will never do that!”. To those expectant parents I say…HA! Don’t be so smug, those are famous last words buddy! Just wait till your sweet little baby turns into a toddler and rocks your world.

Jason decided to just bring her home. Good decision since it was an hour and 20 minute wait because they had to squeeze us in. Even with all that time, the baby was still really quiet. The tech measured the fluid around him which looked good and also checked his heart rate which was a good, strong 150. But he wasn’t moving much. Usually an ultrasound gets him moving. She decided to just settle the wand right over him and watch to see if he would move. After a minute or so he still wasn’t moving, he was awake, opening and closing his eyes and moving his mouth, his chest was moving, but he was just chilling out in there. So, good news, he passed the biophysical exam and he’s doing ok, even with the lack of movement. Three full hours of no movement at all, nothing, scared us, but we feel so much better having gone in and knowing he’s ok. And he’s definitely breech, head straight up and bottom straight down. They will do another ultrasound next week to see if he’s flipped over, if not we will have to decide between doing a version to manually flip him or a c-section.

Oh, and my computer crashed yesterday. Ugh. We’ll take to the Apple and see what they can do, but for now it’s up in the air. Jason hacked in enough to see a few files are there, but it’s not working. Total bummer.

Jase is fixing dinner and then I think we’ll all head to bed, just so this day will be over with!