((((posting late as our internet was out again))))

Thanks to all of you who continue to check in on us, even though I haven’t been posting very often!  I used to be such a good blogger, I posted daily, religiously, without fail.  Our internet has been hit and miss all week for some reason.  And morning sickness has taken over.  It’s all consuming and debilitating, especially with 2 other children who don’t fully understand my sudden, and urgent, need to slow down a bit.  Thankfully, Ty is a huge help keeping Taryn busy during the day while Jason is at work if I just can’t keep up.  I’ve taken to napping with Taryn every day and then going to bed when the kids go to bed each night.  I’m honestly not sure if Jason misses my company in the evenings or relishes the peace and quiet!  LOL

House update – it seems never ending and is quite exhausting.  Thanks to clients and friends Chris & Lilah, we’ll have tile at this time tomorrow in both our bathroom shower stall and on our kitchen backsplash!  They were nice enough to send their best tile guy over and I’m so excited, can’t wait!!  We interviewed another contractor this week, seems nice enough, we’re sorta apprehensive after the last bad experience, but I think we’re going to go with him.  We just want it done.

Ok, now let’s talk fun stuff.  Guess what?!  Little T turns 2 tomorrow!!!  Can you believe it?!?!  I can’t.  When did this happen?  When did my baby get big?  Somehow, she managed to receive the memo about 2 year olds a little early.  For the last two weeks she’s been…er-uhm…how should I say it?  Challenging?!  She’s so sweat one moment and so sassy the next.  You never know what you’re gonna get.  Who knew that something so small could be so bossy and so quick tempered.  She’s decided to give us a run for our money early.  Ty was the sweatest 2 year old you’d ever meet, but 3 was rough.  Jason was just saying, this time last year, we were at the hospital waiting for something amazing to happen.  Tomorrow, a simple and low key party, just a few people.  Nothing big like last year.  Simple and fun.  And yellow, her most favorite color in the whole world.  I promise to get out of my slump and take lots of pics tomorrow. 

Here she is in one of 3 (yes 3!!) party dresses my mom bought her for her birthday….gotta love it when the Gee goes overboard =)