Jan 09, 2007
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my mommy got a new what ????

a Canon 5D ????




Sorry I didn’t post sooner, its been busy, I got several orders in that needed tending to and tried playing around with the new 5D a bit. It’s a monster and makes my D50 look like a midget! And I haven’t even put the speedlight on it or the grip I bought yet. I love it, I really do. I must say that it is overwhelming to learn a new lens and camera at the same time. I feel like I’m learning a new language switching from Nikon to Canon. I’ll be posting more as I play!

  • LUCKY! As usual…I envy you lol. I can’t wait to see what that little big baby can do. ::Sigh:: One day I will be as good as you.

  • Congrats!!! I can’t wait to see more…

    You still make me sick. >

    :o) Steph