to print our wedding photos.  i should have done it a long time ago.  but in all honesty, i didn’t love them.  i love him.  the photos….eh.  after digging through hundreds of proofs and tweaking and editing and creative cropping, i can honestly say that I do love these.  and that is enough.  so….finally…..a wedding wall.  jason was somewhat shocked when he walked through the door today.  he put up the shelves but had no clue what was going on them.  and neither did i until i sat down to order.  i put 3 orders in my cart and deleted them one by one, trying to find the right combo of pics before i even thought ‘wedding’.    we thought we lost all of them to hurricane katrina.  even contacted the photog to see if he had another copy (we bought the original negatives)….he didn’t.  then months and months after the storm, we found them in a random box we’d looked in a million times.  no clue how they got there, and thankful, emotional, hanging on by a thread through the stress of rebuilding and God giving us a much needed gift of photographic memories….tears started to flow.  i appreciate them more now.  i am so happy to have them up, happier that i love them.

here is the before (but after the shelves were hung).  there was previously nothing there.  this is the hall leading into our master bedroom.  the kitchen is to camera left, playroom is camera right and backdoor / living room behind.


((i still need to order a canvas of teagan for the all on the left – or i might just do something else all together))

And the after:


(2) 16×20’s  (2) 11×14’s  (3) 8×10’s (2) 5×7’s  (1) 5×10
All mounted on styrene and sprayed for protection.


I love how it turned out but might move things around a bit as the top shelf feels unbalanced.  The shelves came from IKEA.  I simply went with Alli so she could buy some for her foyer display (that I still need to go take a snap of) and I came home with 3 shelves myself.  Funny how that works.  Here is what we did with the 3rd shelf….we added it to the top of our kitchen display.


I love having pics in my kitchen.  I spend so much time in there.  They make me happy.

And now that these are done….jase will soon be starting a huge photo project for our house.  the pics are the easy part for once, he’ll be building the largest photo frame to ever enter our house!!!   floor to ceiling and he’s building green with reclaimed wood.  I can’t wait!!!!