02_07_006_webI’ve posted this picture of Ty before but today, it just fits. 

You know your family is nuts when you husband has to call in to work and his excuse for being late is that his family is completely and totally insane.  Seriously, that’s what he said!  LOL!!

First, let me start with last night.  Ty decided to play a pracctical joke on us.  He left for date night with my mom and Jase and I took little T out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (she thought all the stuffed deer on the walls were doggies – that oughta put her in therapy!).  We got home and were stuffed so Jase went to put on some sleeping pants.  He walked into the kitchen to wash his hands and he got S O A K E D !!!!  Ty had put a rubber band around the handle of the water wand, yeah that’s an old favorite around here.  He got his dad GOOOOOD too, bare chested, and he wasn’t even back from date night yet to enjoy it!!  When Ty got home, Jase kept quiet and I sent Ty to go take a shower and get ready for bed.  Jase was scrambling to do something to Ty and quick.  I pulled an old one out, a favorite of my mom’s.  He got a big glass of really cold water, climbed up on the toilet and dumped it over Ty’s head in the shower.  Ever heard a 9 year old boy scream like a girl???  HEHE.

Ty figured out real fast that it was his dad who got the soaking 🙂

Here’s where it gets really funny though….We all overslept this morning and were running around like mad people to get out of the house, Jase to work, Ty dropped off at school and I had a doctor’s appointment.  Jase and Ty are in the kitchen this morning and Ty goes to wash his glasses – S O A K E D !!!  Jase never removed the rubber band from the night before.  Ty runs to change his uniform, Taryn and I come out to fix breakfast and we both, one right after the other busted our butts on the soaking wet kitchen floor.  Ouch.  Figures we’d take the fall and weren’t even the culprits!!  Insanity this morning I tell ya!  =)  I love my family.

And my vow to not pick up my camera again until I catch up on proofing, totally out the window!  My nice new 100 mm 2.8 Macro came today!  Wahoo!!!!!!