Another session from way back in September.  If there is anything that stands out about busy season 2010 it is that it was the year of reschedules.  And not in a bad way, but a this is comical it is happening so many times it is getting funny, kind of way.  My poor calendar was used and abused!  Everything from my clients getting sick to little ones taking a fall and having a banged up chin to client husbands being called out of town to the rain (x10) and wind and just about anything else you can imagine.  It was a roll with the punches kind of busy season and I managed to smile through it all and it all worked out in the end.  The silver lining is that it opened up a few last minute sessions here and there, which I LOVED because I got to meet some wonderful new families I otherwise wouldn’t have been graced with.  This family included.  K has been a long time blog reader and I was so excited to meet her.  She swore to herself that if a session opened up that she’d jump on it.  And jump she did, she was booked within minutes of the blog post offering up a last minute session.  Totally made me smile and it was so wonderful to meet them!  The kids are beyond adorable, one is a ham, bet you can’t guess which one 😉  We met up in Salado, one of my absolute favorite places to shoot….

And because I think every session needs at least one outtake, I have to share this.  Cracks me up!  Even the most polite and cooperative children have their photography limits!  HA!!

Thanks C family for letting me photograph your fun and loving family, it was an honor.