Still sick, but well enough now to sit up and type, so here I am.  The visit with my mom was great, I love it when she’s here, the kids light up.  And I’m sad when she goes.  Our visits always go by too fast.

Things I’ll want to remember….

  • Taryn climbing up and falling asleep on her lap each and every night
  • Ty giving us a concert first thing on Mother’s Day morning
  • Painting/coloring/drawing/playdoh’ing with Taryn
  • Watching Gee cuddle and coo with Teagan, then he finally gave up the big boy smiles
  • Watching someone else enjoy all the silly, goofy and funny things that come out of an almost 3 year old’s mouth
  • a wonderful bbq dinner with family, some good friends and a pacifier named Bob 😉
  • our first trip to the pool – man was it fun – and we got to meet a bunch of great neighbors around us.
  • spending mother’s day with my momma, it was just the best
  • watching Taryn and Jason put together 2 new rocking chairs for our back porch, then rocking with my mom in one and me in the other, just chatting
  • going on the scavenger hunt Ty made for me to find my mother’s day gift, he’s so thoughtful, more on that coming in another post.
  • shopping for new clothes, just for me, and leaving the store with 2 full bags, that never happens
  • ok, so T got a new pair of shoes too, but the rest was just for me 😉
  • shopping with just Ty for new plants for our new and improved back porch, strolling through rows of plants, chatting and scheming our master plan.  just us, it was nice.
  • an actual, real, date with my husband.  the first in months.  since teagan was born.

OK, so about that date.  Can you actually call it a date if a) you take 15 minutes getting out of the house and come back 3 times for baby kisses b) you talk about the kids and how much you miss them all the way to the restaurant c) talk about the kids during dinner d) call to check on the kids as you leave the restaurant and e) stop at the grocery store for a few things on the way home and end up buying a surprise for each of the kids.  Ah well, it was nice to have dinner with my husband and not have highchairs, flying straw wrappers or food cut up into tiny pieces.

And T’s new shoes…is there anything better thank pink polka-dot shoes?  Not to this kiddo…


And can I tell y’all how proud Jase is of his grass?!  Our grass has never looked this good, and if you would have seen it weeks ago, you’d think I’d cloned out tons of weeds, but nope, this is it, true green grass.  He’s psyched!  The last time Alli was here she told him that it was so pretty she didn’t want to walk on it, he was so giddy after she left, it was comical. 

Oh, and I updated the 3T’s & Me blog, I doubt anyone checks it since I’m not all that loyal with it, but it’s a shot of all 5 of us (gasp!!)….the one and only shot ever taken of all of us together.