My laptop has been acting up a lot lately, so much that it’s time to break down and get it fixed. It only holds enough power to proof two photos at a time and then dies, wait 30 minutes, proof two images, dead again. Plugging it into the wall doesn’t work anymore and I’m tired of yelling at it. So I will likely be offline while it gets some much needed love from a computer nerd in New Orleans. We have Jason’s computer, but I won’t be able to use photoshop or see any emails sent to me through today. If I owe you an email, please be patient, I’ll get to them once I am able to reload my email account. Tonight I spent the evening removing all personal data, client data, all images, records, emails, everything to my external drive. All client images are safe and sound! I’m sure Mr. Computer Nerd is an upstanding guy, but I feel better keeping all my and my client’s info safe and sound with me. Honestly, Jason and I suck at sharing a computer, if I can pry his out of his hands I might get to log on and say hi, possibly even move some stuff onto the blog from our old wedding website that I am planning to take down. Otherwise I’ll be back in a few days 🙂

Oh – wish us luck – we have our grant closing tomorrow! Praying everything goes smoothly. If all goes well we should have our first disbursement check by next week and then a second, and much larger chunk within a month. Once we sign on the dotted line, we will both breathe a huge sigh of relief, 18 months in the making.