I’m here, just checking in to say hi…..still no computer and no word on it yet. I’m anxiously awaiting an estimate any time now and at $100 per hour to repair it we’re hoping for the best. I hope it’s soon, I feel like my lifeline has been cut off! Jason and I are so horrible at sharing a computer. I know he needs it a ton right now too because of grad school.

Thought I would share a few photos, I had several amazing sessions last weekend, I was lucky enough to photograph 2 families and 4 little ones.

Here is little Luci, her parents totally adore her and who could blame them?! She’s perfect.


I had the best time with this family on Sunday. Emery & Ross hanging out in the hammock….


…and baby Julianne. She was making me laugh the entire time, she was sticking out her little tongue all afternoon!


I hope to get to log on again soon, thanks for visiting!! ~ Lyndsay