This week was all about fire trucks and fire safety.  Taryn and Jude completed the fire safety books and really enjoyed it.  I’m also including photos of our letter boxes that I forgot to include with last weeks post.  They have been a huge hit so far this year.  Since then I’ve added in color boxes and he loves those too.  Our trip to the fire station was a bust due to the station’s scheduling issues….but we will finally get to go on Monday with a big homeschool group!

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse 1 Peter 3:15
Character Respect
Letter of the Week Bb
Number of the Week 2
Shape Triangle
Color Red
Theme / Science Fire
Physical Education Stop Drop Roll
Health / Food Oranges / Folate
Sensory Fire Sensory Box
Art Fire Dog Puppet
Music Fire Safety Song
Story Time Big Franks Fire Truck
Play / Game Pretend Campfire
Field Trip Fire Station Visit
Additional Resources:
My Mouth is a Volcano
What if everyone did that?
Respect and Take Care of Things
Hey, Little Ant
Sparky The Fire Dog
No Dragons For Tea
Clifford The Firehouse Dog
Fire Safety Booklet
Alternate Fire Safety Booklet
Call 911
DIY Campfire
B is For Boogie Song
Triangle Song
Respect coloring page
Firefighter Do A Dot Printables