This little bug turns 3 in just 8 short days.  3, wow.  I don’t update on how he’s doing over here on this blog very often, I tend to keep it over on our personal blog and even my one frame a day 365 project, but I thought I’d post here today and say he’s doing really good right now.  Better than good, he’s awesome.  In fact, I was chatting with a practitioner the other day who works with vaccine injured children regularly, she knew one of our children had a vaccine reaction but she didn’t know which one and she was shocked to hear it was Teagan because looking at him you’d never know where he’s been or the hell he visited.  Yes, looking at him, you would now never know.  What a blessing that is.  He has caught up (and then some) with speech and physical development.  He’s exactly where he should be and more advanced in some areas for his age.  Gosh we worked so hard to make that happen, and it was all so worth it to be standing right here where we are right now.  We are thrilled for him and thankful for those who have cared for him and helped us.  Not a day goes by that I don’t sit and watch him and think what a miracle he is, how strong he is and most of all, how incredibly special he is.  I think he knows it too, just a few weeks ago I was watching him play, he ran up to me with big open arms, put his hands up on my cheeks, smiled his great big smile and said “Momma!  I’m all better!  I not sick anymore!” and then threw his arms up in the air and ran off.   He steals my heart over and over again.