May 06, 2007
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Finally caught the old ice water trick on film…..hehehe
I love practical jokes.  He earned it, believe me!  =)

  • I just love it when special traditions are passed down in the family!!!!!!! Too bad there’s no one at my house able to get upstairs to get me! NOT!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job, Jason for getting Ty! … and good job Lynds for keeping the tradition going!

  • LOL

    Love it, Lyndsay!
    What a classic.

    Off to plot doing this to my husband… 🙂
    I think my 7 yr old can man the video camera.

  • Too funny! Lyndsay, I so love your blog! The square collage of Ty’s room is great!

  • Thanks you guys – it’s so much fun to get him and then share it here 🙂

    Mom – I learned from the best!

    Jenny – GET HIM! 🙂 The key is to put the ice in a glass (we used shaved ice out of the fridge so it won’t hit him too hard), then shake some salt over the glass and add cold water. The salt makes it get really cold really fast!

    Frederique – thanks!

  • Lyndsay this is so darn cute. I just love you blog. I’m terrible about updating mine and everytime I see yours I swear to do better.

  • Janet Stradtner-Grandma

    What stinkers…and grandpa had the gall to say,” SEE where I get it from”. ha ha, I think theirs a big twist there somewhere…I bet Ty’s goosepimples were as big as his beautiful eyes…