Today was filled with goodness.  Good little details that make up life.  A simple day, with good moments.  I love days like this.  I am thankful for them.

We woke up to Teagan talking to himself, happy little babble.  So cute.  I love the sounds coming through the monitor.  The children actually napped.  Not at the same time, but they both got sleep, I cannot complain about that.  I had an amazing meeting with some people who could have a huge and awesome impact on my business.  My mind is full with ideas and opportunity.  Opportunity is such a great thing.  I am thankful for wonderful clients who continue to share themselves with me, long after their portraits have been delivered.  I love the way Teagan sports his evil little laugh while wearing his sister’s pink frilly hat.  And the way Taryn will sit and read and giggle to herself with her own thoughts on the couch.  And the way Ty chases Teagan through the house saying “I’m gonna get you” and the sound of their feet hitting the tile.  And the way my husband insists on trying to grow a mustache one every couple of years, it’s that time again and it brings me to giggles every time I look at him.  And another little thing, we finally got some paint up in our kitchen.  I am undecided about the color, not sure if it is “us”.  But it’s not blah builder beige, and I know that isn’t us.  The jury is still out, we’ll see if it’s a keeper.  After lots and lots of paint samples over the last 18 months, I sure hope so.

And now I’m off to embrace our wild evening routine of cleaning up after dinner, bathing little kiddos, bedtime stories and snuggles good night.  Goodness.