Gotta love GymBucks! I went in and spent mine just in time this week and LOVE her in the newest little outfit. I’ve been ordering her a lot of clothes for spring and a bunch of shoes! Some from Target were on backorder and I forgot all about them, but every now and then a random box will appear on the doorstep with a box of shoes enclosed, we got one on Tuesday. Yesterday when the Gymboree box arrived with my GymBucks purchases, the doorbell rang and Taryn yelled “SHOOOOOOOOOOES!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY”! LOL I’m creating a monster…



She’s such a nosey neighbor!!


Her vocabulary has just exploded this month! It amazes me that she says new words for the first time in complete sentences. Like when we were in the ER last weekend, an orderly walked by and saw my feeble attempt at entertaining Taryn by letting her draw on an old receipt from my purse. He stopped in and asked if he could turn on cartoons, I hadn’t even noticed the tv in the corner (it was really small). Taryn wasn’t so sure about it and scowled at him. He turned on cartoons, I thanked him and he left. A few minutes later he walked by again and Taryn hollers out “Hey!!! How you doing?!” LOL – where did she learn that?!?! Funny girl, straight out of a Friends episode I tell ya!