A project I have been thinking about for a long time came to fruition this morning with one of my favorite families in Austin.  I’ll be back to share more as it takes shape over the coming weeks….

The Birth of Maddie Rose is by far, the most viewed birth experiences that I’ve ever posted.  Last June it had been hit 7,700 times according to my stats.  I got word from quite a few people last fall that the slideshow made the rounds on facebook and other social medias and it was embraced by several birth professionals from across the country and shared being cited as real, emotive and a wonderful example of a med free birth in a hospital setting.  I haven’t checked the stats since their last post went up almost a year ago and holy moly, it is at 420,000+!  Behold, the power of social media right?!   My hope is that a few of those views will break down some barriers and preconceived ideas about what birth photography is and how it tells the story of a birth day respectfully.  I can’t believe that Maddie Rose is already a year old!  Thank you Brad & Noelle for letting me capture so many beautiful moments with your family in the last year.  And for going along with all my ideas this morning and the crazy little journey they took us on, it was a blast!